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Tamil Movie Actress Bharathi

Bharathi was born on 27th October 1987 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She is an actress, who who works in the Kollywood film industry. Bharathi made her debut on the silver screen in 2003 in the movie Arasu. Bharathi played a small role in the movie. But due to her performance, she was instantly hired for her next film ‘Well Done’ in the same year where again she played a cameo role. After a few more cameos and supporting roles in movies, in 2007 Bharathi was signed on for the role that made her a star, she was signed on to play the lead role in the movie ‘Ammuvagaiya Naan’. Ammu is an orphan who is brought up in a house of sex workers, and she eventually becomes one herself, later in her life she meets a writer who writes a novel on her life, and subsequently falls in love with her and marries her. The movie turned out to be a super-hit.

After the success of Ammu, Bharathi’s next movie was once again in which she starred as the leading actress in 2008’s Nejathai Killadhe. This was yet again a very different and challenging movie. Bharathi played a documentarian who eventually meets Vasanth, and rather than falling in love, she is quite amused by the way Vasanth lives. In 2008, Bharathi appeared in a Malayalam film called Ayudham. She would then go on to work in a few more movies and then stopped working in 2009. She made her comeback on TV when she starred in Rudhram on Jaya TV, and then would go on to work on a couple more soap operas. 


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