Ramya Pandian Tamil Actress
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Ramya Pandian is a motion picture actress from the country of India. She works in films made in South Indian languages predominantly. The South Indian speech which she works primarily in is Tamil, which is the most publicly used language of the state of Tamil Nadu. Maane Theyne Ponmaane was the movie through which she entered the cinema industry. The film got released to the public in the year 2013. The length of the film was relatively short. The talented director Shelley Calist Shelley Calist is an Indian film cinematographer. >> Read More... Shelley Calist was the director of Maane Theyne Ponmaane.

It belongs to the genres romance as well as drama. It revolves around two persons who are to get engaged with each other. The male protagonist used to love some other girl in the past. However, their relationship did not prove to be successful in the long run. The female protagonist, which is RamyaPandian also finds it hard to trust people due to past incidents. Thus, both of these people meet to plan how they could cancel the engagement which got enforced upon them. However, they realise that their plights are very similar when they meet. Thus, the story evolves and develops. Other films in which she has worked include Koondhalum Meesaiyum, and also Dummy Tappasu Click to look into! >> Read More... Dummy Tappasu .

The genre of Koondhalum Meesaiyum was romance as well as drama. It got made under the banner of Lime Light Cinema. Mani Kandan is the talented individual who has worked in the direction of KoondhalumMeesaiyum. RamyaPandian is the female protagonist of the motion picture. Naveen Senthilnathan is the lead actor of the film who has worked alongside the ravishing RamyaPandian. The story of the video got written by Sugumar Chandrasekaran. Mani Kandan did the direction and the screenplay of this movie. The name of the producer of Koondhalum Meesaiyum is Rajalakshmi Senthilnathan.

Pradeep E. Raghav has done the editing work of Koondhalum Meesaiyum also. Swaminathan did the job of handling the musical part of Koondhalum Meesaiyum. Other actors who were a part of this motion picture along with RamyaPandian are Prem Krishna Prem Krishna was a remarkable revolutionary freedo >> Read More... Prem Krishna , Sugumar, Madhav, and Srinivasan. Praveen Prem is the lead male actor who is working in the film Dummy Tappasu along with RamyaPandian. Ravi is the director of Dummy Tappasu while Deva is the music director. It belongs to the genres romance as well as comedy. It will get released on the 2nd of July, 2017.