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Tamil Movie Actress Ambika

Ambika is an Indian actress. Ambika is known for her works in Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada films. She was born in Kerala. Her parents are Kunjan Nair and Sarasamma. Currently, Ambika lives in Chennai. 
Ambika started acting when she was just 16 years old and was a popular child artist. She continued acting and was a leading actress of her times. She did more than 200 films in the south. She first did a Malayalam film named Seetha. Neelathaamara and Lejjavathi were a part of her early career. She acted in AnthaEzhuNaatkal directed by K. Bhagyaraj. 

Ambika diid many films with the leading actors of her time such as Kamal Hassan, Rajnikanth, Shankar - the romantic lead of that time, Mohanlal – a fine actor, Ambarish, Vijayakanth and Rajkumar.
Ambika is known for her bold roles in many films. Her rain dance sequence in Chakravyuha is said to be a benchmark in the conservative film industry. She is said to be a versatile and talented actress.

Her acting career was at its peak in the 1980s. Her Tamil film Kakk iChattai was a hit. In Kadhal Parisu, she did a film with her sister Radha, where they played the roles of two beautiful sisters with strong and conflicting personalities. 

Post her marriage, she shifted to the US. She had a divorce. She came to India after her divorce and continued her acting career. She did Periyamanushan, where she played a glamorous role with Sathyaraj. 
Ambika acted in Mariyathai by Vikaraman. She did Malayalam films with Mohanlal and Sadgamaya in Angel John Click to look into! >> Read More... . Currently, she acted n serials. She has been judging reality shows as well.
She did advertisements. She won awards like the Kalaimaamani Award, Cinema Express and the Film Critics Award.


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