Jigarthanda Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Jigarthanda"
Runtime: 2 Hours 51 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 01-08-2014
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
3.5 / 5.0

Plot: A movie can never be made in such a magnanimous way. The tone of the movie goes with an attacking red color which depicts the cold nature of the movie. This movie starts with Director Karthik played by Siddharth, who is awaiting the results in a reality show. Karthik loses the show and more than that, Mukil (played by Nassar) reviews it as a “kuppa padam” (good for nothing movie). But the other judge Sundar (played by Aadukalam Naren) likes the story. There starts a quarrel between the two judges and finally Karthik gets a chance from Sundar to direct a film. The producer, Sundar tells him to make a gangster movie. Karthik and Oorani (played by Karunakaran) search for a real gangster for a weird new story and finds Assault Sethu, portrayed by Bobby Simha. Karthik follows this merciless gangster, who kills people and tries to get information about him in every possible way. Karthik then, takes the help of Kayal ( Lakshmi Menon) and her mother (Ambika), who works as a cook for Bobby Simha. Meanwhile, Karthik pretends to be in love with Kayal, so that she would help him in all ways.

As Assault Sethu gets information about police trying to encounter him, he becomes super-cautious and suspects everyone. He even kills his henchman in the process. When he found out Karthik’s stalking business, he catches him. Karthik tells them that, he was going to make a movie about them. Sethu feels proud and tells him that, he will help him in every way. Karthik collects all the information about Sethu and feels happy that he will be making a fantastic movie and soon starts to leave Madurai. By the time Sethu invites Karthik for a party. Karthik dumps Kayal, as he feels that, she will be of no help to him after this. Keeping this in mind, Kayal twists Sethu’s minds by saying that, he himself should portray the lead character in the film. Karthik is in a fix now. He now has to make a movie with Sethu as a hero and plans in changing the plot of the gangster movie into a comedy movie. The film will be titled as A. Kumar meaning Azhuguni Kumar.

When Sethu comes to know about this, he searches Karthik in a full anger, but after seeing the people’s response by watching his film, he feels happy. He thinks that, he gained response by making everyone laugh. He meets Karthik later, and feels grateful to him and let him go.

A must watch movie for Bobby Simha’s performance!