Top 10 Mollywood Celebrities Who Married Twice

Top 10 Mollywood Celebrities Who Married Twice Malayalam Article


' Dileep Dileep was born in Kerala as Gopalakrishnan Padman >> Read More... Dileep ' is one of the versatile actors of the Malayalam film industry. He is well known for his roles in various Malayalam films like Meesha Madhavan Click to look into! >> Read More... Meesha Madhavan , C.I.D Moosa, etc. Dileep married his co-actor Manju Warrier Manju Warrier is a South-Indian film actress, born >> Read More... Manju Warrier on October 20 1998 and have a daughter. After 16 years of married life, he divorced Manju Warrier in January 2015. Their daughter, Meenakshi now lives with her father Dileep. Later Dileep got married to Kavya Madhavan Kavya Madhavan is an Indian artist but shines in t >> Read More... Kavya Madhavan . Dileep said to the media that he swears to god that Kavya is not the reason behind their divorce.



'Mukesh' is one of the most prevalent actors of the Malayalam film industry. He is also a well-known television host, producer and politician. Mukesh is popular for his remarkable performance in movies like Ramji Rao Speaking, God Father Click to look into! >> Read More... God Father , In Harihar Nagar Click to look into! >> Read More... In Harihar Nagar , etc. He married ' Saritha Saritha is a beautiful, sultry and captivating Ind >> Read More... Saritha ,' a popular South Indian film actress in 1988 and has two sons Shravan and Tejas. The couple ended their marriage after 18 years. Later Mukesh got married to a classical dancer Methil Devika Methil Devika is a Indian classical dancer, perfor >> Read More... Methil Devika . Mukesh’s former wife Saritha accused his second marriage as illegal, because they have applied for the divorce in 2009, but they are not legally divorced yet.




Jagathi Sreekumar is one of the prominent comedians of the Malayalam film industry. He is well-known for his leading roles in movies like Kilukkam, Yodha, Oru CBI Dairy Kurippu, etc. He has appeared in more than 1400 Malayalam movies and in many television programs. Jagathi Sreekumar married Mallika Sukumaran Mallika Sukumaran is a yesteryear actress who debu >> Read More... Mallika Sukumaran in 1974, but later filed divorce and got separated in 1979. He then married Shobha in 1980 and has 2 children, Rajkumar and Parvathy.



Kavitha Ranjini popularly known by her stage name ' Urvashi Urvashi is the stage name of Kavitha Ranjini, a pr >> Read More... Urvashi ' is an eminent actress of the Malayalam film industry. She has acted in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi films. Urvashi is quite known for her natural acting. Urvashi married her co-actor Manoj K Jayan in May 2000 and had a daughter. However, their marriage didn’t go well. Manoj K Jayan filed a divorce petition accusing Urvashi. The couple parted their ways in the year 2008. Their daughter, Tejalakshmi lives with her father Manoj K Jayan. Later Urvashi got married to Chennai-based builder Shivaprasad in 2013 and Manoj K Jayan got married to Asha in 2011.



'Sheela' is one of the famous Indian actresses who successfully took over the audience with her flawless acting. She has acted in numerous films. Sheela holds a Guinness World Record for acting in 130 movies with . She was married to a journalist Xavier, however, that marriage ended in a divorce. Later she got married to her co-star 'Ravichandran.' Ravichandran has acted in many Tamil films. According to reports Ravichandran later divorced Sheela and got back with his former wife.




'' is a well-known Malayalam film actor. He is popular for his roles in movies like Ram Ji Rao Speaking, Sauhradham, Oru Cbi Dairy Kurrippu, Bharathchandran I.P.S, etc. He has played both lead and villain roles in various movies. He married Prasanna Kumari in the year 1988, but the marriage collapsed in the year 2008. Saikumar accused Prasanna Kumari, for keeping her real age away from him. It is stated that Prasanna Kummari lied about her age to Saikumar before marriage. Later Saikumar married Malayalam actress Bindu Panicker Bindu is an Indian movie actress who has predomina >> Read More... Bindu Panicker . Bindu Panicker is a prominent Malayalam actress, who has played both comedy and character roles in the Malayalam film industry.


'Ambika' is a well-known actress in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada films and T.V shows. She has acted in more than 200 films. Ambika initially married an NRI Shinu John in 1988 and migrated to the U.S.A. They have two sons, Ramkesav and Rishikesh. But the couple got divorced in 1996. Later Ambika got married to a Tamil actor Ravikanth in 2000. It is reported that the couple got divorced in the year 2002. She is currently living in Chennai with her sons.


Shanthi Krishna Versatile and talented, Shanthi Krishna is an actr >> Read More... Shanthi Krishna is an actress and dancer well known for her leading roles in the Malayalam and Tamil film industry. She married Malayalam actor Sreenath in 1984. But they dissolved their marriage in 1995. Sreenath is a Malayalam film and television actor. Sreenath said to the media that Shanthi was not the wife of his dream. Later she got married to Sadsivan Bajore and has 2 children, Mithul and Mithali. It is reported that the couple divorced and parted their ways in 2016.


Ganesh Kumar is a prevalent Malayalam actor, T.V host and politician. He is the current MLA OF Pathanapuram, Kollam District. He has played notable roles in many Malayalam movies like Irakal, Cheppu, Rakuyillin Ragasadassil, Manichithrathay, etc. Ganesh married Dr. Yamini Thankachy in May 1994 and had 2 children, Adhithyan and Devaraman. Ganesh Kumar filed the Divorce petition accusing Yamini of blackmailing and manhandling him, whereas Yamini accused Ganesh of domestic violence. The couples parted their ways in 2013. Later Ganesh married Bindhu Menon, who works in a prominent Malayalam news channel.


Kavaya Madhavan is one of the most popular actresses of the Malayalam film industry. Kavya is well known for her leading roles in movies like Meesha Madhavan, Gaddama, lion, Christian Brothers Click to look into! >> Read More... Christian Brothers , etc. Kavya married Nishal Chandra Nishal Chandra, also known as Nischal, is a famous >> Read More... Nishal Chandra in 2009 and got divorced in 2011. Later Kavya married Dileep in November 2016, and has a daughter.