Narendra Prasath

Other names of Narendra Prasath: NP

Narendra Prasath is an actor and a Youtuber who works in the Kollywood film industry. Narendra started out as a Youtuber and he goes by the name of Narendra Prasath NP. He along with his crew made videos for the channel Unakkennapaa. The channel is owned by RJ Vigneshkanth. Narendra starred in numerous videos that were posted on the channel and slowly made a huge fan following of himself.

He also starred in the popular webseries called Asha Kalyanam. After the success on Unakkennapaa, Narendra also started appearing on another RJ Vigneshkanth channel called Black Sheep, after which his popularity skyrocketed. After his Youtube success, Narendra started doing his own comedy and dance shows in various colleges in South India.

He along with his crew made many appearances in many public events where they would perform comedy, dance and singing. Nardendra on hisown also has a very big following on Instagram where he works as an influencer and a paid promoter of various products. Narendra made his debut on the silver screen in 2019 with Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja. The movie starred most of the Youtube channel crew and Narendra in the supporting role.