He was born in the year 1983 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India. Dushyant is also known as Junior Sivaji. He is an Indian film actor and also a producer who is also working in many of Tamil languages. After that he made his debut is Success in the year 2004. In appearing many of films in previous years, he worked as an executive producer with Sivaji Productions. Ramkumar Ganesan is father of Dushyant and Sivaji Ganesan as grandson of actor. Entering into movies for Ramkumar as an actor was just a co-incidence. His story of career being when producer Missaki Sundar saw Dushyant at Sivaji Productions office, and there he was offered as an opportunity to make his debut in acting. He rejected the offer initially, but then he agreed by consulting his uncle and cousin.

The movie Success opened with many of mixed reviews with a critic noting that “surprising moment was when the film made a nice turn of events.” The film looked like an energizing fact as well as interested again. The film on first half looked like the film has made little clever while setting up the stock characters in a little different way which made the twist very much surprising. When his second movie came naming Machi, a review came noting “Dushyant does not mark him as a hero of promise which will show some improvement from his debut Success.” Afterward he is not being seen in any of films yet. So he started working on sets of Sivaji Productions in Pascal as one of a producer.

Currently, he is working in South Indian Tamil TV soaps for which he is one of a producer like Devathai. His step brother naming Shivaji Dev also appeared in films whereas his uncle Prabhu and one of his cousin Vikram Prabhu are now leading actors in Tamil Films. In November 2011 he married to Abirami. In the year 2003, he played a film as Success in which he played the role of Ganesh and in 2004 another film naming Machi in which he played a role of Anand. In the year 2015, he set up an Ethan Productions. As a producer he produced Meen Kuzhambum Mann Planarium in the year 2016 which is a fantasy film comedy in written which was directed by Amudheshwar in which he is an individual producer.