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K Shantharam

K Shantharam was a Kannada director and actor. He succumbed to his illness on 29th May 2016 at the age of 68 at Columbia Asia Hospital in Bangalore. He worked in more than fifty films and was most well known for directing the award-winning film, 'Marali Goodige'. His screenplay and dialogue writing were his trademark. Shantharam was from the Chikkaballapura district in Karnataka. His wife's name is Shaila and his brother's name is K. R. Muralikrishna, who is a Kannada film producer. He used to perform at the theatre before he joined the Kannada cinema industry. Shantharam’s first movie was 'Kanneshwara Rama', a Kannada political drama directed by, M. S. Sathyu in 1977. Ananth Nag, Shabana Azami and Amol Palekar were the main stars. The film garnered good reviews, and was featured at both national and international film festivals. In 1978, Shantharam worked in K. Balachander’s, 'Thappida Thala' which was simultaneously made in Kannada and Tamil. 'Thappida Thala' was renamed 'Thappu Thalangal' in Tamil and can be considered Shantharam’s first Tamil movie. Shantharam won the state award for Best Supporting Actor category for 'Thappida Thala'. The film starred superstar Rajinikanth with whom Shantharam would act again in 'Murattukaalai' in 1980, which grossed the highest box office for Rajinikanth at the time. In 1979, Y. R. Swamy’s Kannada film Savathiya Neralu brought Shantharam fame. In the same year, he acted and was the associate director under Ramesh-Shivaram for the movie 'Madhu Chandra'. Shantharam worked under some of the most prolific directors of the Kannada cinema industry like T.S. Ranga, M. S. Sathyu, K. Balachander and many others. He also wrote dialogues for two of director S. V. Rajendra Singh Babu’s top ranked films, 'Hoovu Hannu' in 1993 and 'Mahakshatriya' in 1994. Shantharam’s Marali Goodige won the Karanataka State Film Awards 1984-85 under the Third Best Film Category. Marali Goodige was the very first film he had directed. The film released in 1984, was based on Smt. Aryambha Pattabi’s story also called Marali Goodige. This Kannada film starred Roopa, Poornima, Kalyan Kumar and Jai Jagadeesh in leading roles. He also directed 'Hrudayasamrajya' in 1989, 'Bala Nauke' in 1987 and 'Karnana Sampathu' in 2005; and also wrote the screenplay and the story of these three movies. He also wrote the dialogues for 'Hrudayasamrajya'. Ambreesh received accolades for his role in 'Karnana Sampathu'.



Sasi is a screenwriter and film director of Tamil cinema. He was born in Salem at Mettur in Tamilnadu. In 1998 he started his first directorial debut for the movie Sollamalae that made him continue his career with several other successful films like Poo in 2008, Dishyum in 2006 and Roja Kottam in 2002. After the inspiration given by the writer Tamilselvan for his short story Veyilodu Poi, he began to make his first movie Poo which was a romantic short story. This story is mainly based on the mind-blowing as well as an effective love story of a village girl. He decided to make that movie to reach everyone in Tamil Nadu. To make the drama effective he signed up the project with new technical teams, PG Muthiya and SS Kumar, for their cinematography and music respectively. He selected them based on their performance in the interview. Sasi chose the actor, Srikanth as the hero of the movie and a debut malyalam actress Parvathi, who portrayed the role of the village girl that helped her to enter into other plays and gave this show a lead appearance. In December 2008, the movie was set to release with positive critics for the man who deserved the ovation: Sasi, the director of the movie. For this cinematography as a director screenplay writer and dialogue maker he gave excellent and an outstanding performance from the cat. One of the leading critic writer rediff.com quoted that ‘Sasi can succeed until he has screenplay and performance in his hand’. This movie received several awards and Honors from Vijay Awards, 56th Film Fare Awards south; state film awards of Tamilnadu has also recognized it under best film category for the year and also for giving reference to the women in society. Sasi was honored from international film festival especially in Indian film festival at Los Angeles. The movie also received the award from Ahmadabad film festival for ‘the best director’. In 2008 he made his new role as the action movie director. The film’s initial name was renamed as Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu, wich starred actor Bharath. This movie was not up to the expected level of a box office hit, so she decided to drop the direction with Bharath. The next movie which to be directed by Sasi was ‘Pichai Karan’ which was produced by Vijay Antony, and this movie was shot in several places of Chennai. Vijay Antony was introduced bu Sasi into film direction as well as the music direction field for his movie Dishoom.

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