Thiruselvam Tamil Actor
‘Kolangal’ is like the most famous Tamil serial in Sun TV. Mr. V. Thiruselvam, not only directed this masterpiece of a TV show but also gave life to a significant character ‘Tholkapian’. The show ran for more than 3 years and had more than a 1000 episodes! Thiruselvam is born in an agricultural family and is from Peravurani in Thanjavur. As his family produces plants, he produces TV shows.

After getting a basic graduation in physics, he studied film making in Chennai and ended up working as an associate with a serial director Thirumurugan. That’s when the director offered him a role in his serial “metti oli”. He did the role of an unsuccessful business man who uses his brother in law as a scapegoat for investing in his business. This role gave him name and also the confidence to act which resulted in the character “Tholkapian”. In kolangal he appeared as a good hearted Samaritan who is a good friend of the heroine Abi. He also directed other serials like “sithiram pesudhadi, Madhavi and Pokkisham”.

He is married to Bharathy, who is a civil engineer working for a construction company. Thiruselvam says that his wife and her experiences in her employment are the inspiration for him for the character “abi” in his serial kolangal.