Venkatesh Kumar. G

Other names of Venkatesh Kumar. G: Venkatesh, Kumar G. Venkatesh
Venkatesh Kumar. G Tamil Actor
Other Skills

Venkatesh Kumar. G who is well known for his short films his direction and his work as an actor. He was born on June 25, 1981 and presently working in Tamil films. He graduated in Physiotherapy from SRM College of Physiotherapy.

Onward after completing his professional education he made his way towards making short films. His first famous short film named “White Dirt” was awarded in International Festivals of Film. He mostly made short films on different social issues for awareness of local people.
He made his first move in Tamil industry with a film named “ Neelam Story soon >> Read More... Neelam ” based upon a fisherman’s life, which proved to be a great success in cinema.

Despite of his present bright future he had a very hard past while struggling he worked in a call center to fulfill his basic needs of life.
He won award for his few short films the first award was in BRICS international Festival of Films 2012. His recent work “Moths” that is said to be his best work has won “Best Documentary” prize in Indo-Russian Film Festival in New Delhi 2013.