Ravi O S is a Tamil Film Director born in India. He is a renowned film director in the Tamil Industry, particularly known for ‘ Dummy Tappasu Click to look into! >> Read More... Dummy Tappasu .’ This movie was released in October 2015. With this movie, Ravi made his debut in the film industry as a director. In this comedy and drama film, Ravi had cast Praveen Prem and Ramya Pandian Ramya Pandian is a motion picture actress from the >> Read More... Ramya Pandian to play the lead roles. Ravi was not only the director of the film but also the producer, story writer, screenplay writer, and dialogue writer.

This movie, under the production of Yacht Ads, had garnered a lot of support and love from the audience. Ravi believes that a good movie is possible because of good actors, helpful crew, perfect direction, and beautiful script.