Nelson Venkatesan is an Indian born Tamil filmmaker who started his career as a radio jockey (RJ). The job did not suit his profile, so he decided to enter into the film industry, and was provided with the opportunity as a director to direct his first movie “ Oru Naal Koothu”.  This movie was produced by J.Selvakumar who had earlier produced the movie “ Thirudan Police” (2014).

The budding director decided to write this film after he had noticed a sudden change among his friends when they were around the age of marriage. He feels that it is the period around which people change drastically. He further questions what society thinks about an unmarried person and the idea of marriage as a whole.

He says that the questions that are often heard of when it comes to marriage are often unnecessary ones like if the person is suffering from a love failure. He condemns how our society does not approve late marriages. Due to all these problems in our community, he decided to explore the idea of marriage being forced on people and thought it would be intriguing to make a film around that phase of life.

The movie Oru Naal Koothu stars Dinesh of Attakathi fame, Nivetha Pethuraj who was Miss India UAE in 2015 and Miya George. Nelson, further admitted that as a debutant filmmaker it was the most difficult task to juggle as many as eight characters in a film, and how all of their lives change only because of a wedding. He said that a marriage does not alter the lives of the couple alone, but also affects the people involved in it either in a positive or negative manner.

This movie received a lot of good reviews and was critically acclaimed as a great movie, with unearned twists towards the end of it. Nelson had developed a name through his debut film and was asked to do a remake of the film in Telugu. The original Tamil movie has been released on 10th June 2016 and the remake titled “PelliRoju” was released on 25th September 2017. It was also considered a success for Nelson in the Telugu industry.

The now prominent director Nelson has teamed up with producer SR Prabhu known for producing the movies “ Madras” (2014) and “ Maanagaram”(2017), fame for his next venture. It will be produced under the banner of Potential Studios.