Born in Theni, a small town in Tamil Nadu in India, on August 8th 1946, Kasthuri Raja is an eminent movie director who is famous for his films like ‘En Rasavin Manasile’ and ‘ 3’. Kasthuri Raja never thought he would be a film director someday as he came from a very small village. Though he was a movie buff, he never planned to become a filmmaker.

Kasthuri moved to Chennai to give an interview for a post in the Indian Railways. He couldn’t clear the interview, so he began writing tales. Kasthuri Raja got lucky and got the chance to meet K.S. Gopalakrishnan, who offered him to be his assistant director. Kasthuri Raja became his assistant director to earn a living at the end of every day. He also tried hard to leave the film industry but couldn’t do so because of some or the other reason. After that, he grew an interest in filmmaking and reached the pinnacle of fame. Since then he never looked back and went ahead to give so many hits.

According to Kasthuri, the success came to him much later in his life otherwise he would have achieved more fame and name in the film industry. The first film directed by Kasthuri Raja was En Rasavin Manasile in the year 1991. En Rasavin Manasile focused on the guy, Mayandi, who tries to adapt to the surroundings for the girl he fell in love with. This film did fine and had a rating of 5.3 on IMDb. After that, he went ahead to direct movies including ‘Ettupatti Raasa’, ‘Aatha Un Kovilile’, and ‘Solaiyamma’. These films received appreciation from the audience, and Kasthuri decided to direct movies based on real-life incidents or the incidents related to him which he has experienced before.

His films are a mere representation of the society in which he has lived. Kasthuri Raja also directed a film based on the life of folk artists titled, ‘Nattupura Pattu’. This film ran in the theaters for more than a year, and the songs were also popular among the audience of that time. But Kasthuri Raja didn’t only direct films based on pastoral life but also romantic films including ‘ Thulluvadho Ilamai’.

Raja also worked as a director on the films which were inspired by the life of people living in a slum area and the difficulties which they go through. Kasthuri Raja tied the knot with ‘ Vijayalakshmi’ and together they are the proud parents of four children – ‘ Dhanush’, ‘ Selvaraghavan’, ‘Karthika Devi’, and ‘K. Vimala Geetha’.

R Kannan Tamil Actor

R Kannan

R. Kannan was born on 21st July 1971. His birth name is Rajmohan. He is professionally a filmmaker and also writes a screenplay for movies. Before becoming a successful director, he became an assistant director under 'Manobala'. He later joined 'Mani Ratnam' while he directed films 'Kannathil Muthamittal', 'Guru', etc. In 2008, 'Jayamkondaan' released the story is about Jayamkondaan, who is an I.T. professional who is involved with her step sister in a relationship. The concept of the flick was different, and it received great reviews from the people and the critics appreciated the work of Kannan. Kannan second venture 'Kanden Kadhalai' which is a remake of the Bollywood flick, 'Jab We Met' released in 2007 and 'Shahid Kapoor' and 'Kareena Kapoor Khan' were in the lead role for it. 'Imtiaz Ali' directed the movie, and it broke many records and set up a new bar for the romcom films in Bollywood. The lead roles offered to 'Bharath' and 'Tamannaah Bhatia', they accepted it without a second thought. Bharath played the role of Shakthi, and the story focuses on his life. His father recently died, and he takes over the position of MD in the company. His firm is suffering from a loss; his girlfriend left him, and his mother is planning her wedding soon after the demise of her husband. He is over life and is irritated. One day he leaves his office and boards a train where he meets Anjali, a bold, talkative character who is a chatterbox and bothers Shakthi for no reason. At midnight, he plans to jump off the train, but 'Anjali' interrupts him. He becomes more and more annoyed by her botheration; he leaves the train but she follows him through, and they both miss their train. They both hire a taxi to reach to the next station where Anjali can board her train. Again Anjali misses the train because of her stupidity. She makes him drop her to Theni. Shakthi likes Anjali but doesn’t convey his feelings. Meanwhile, she runs from her house to meet his lover, but he rejects her. She disappears and her family members catch Shakthi and ask him to return them Anjali. He tries to find out the whereabouts of her and soon finds her and returns to her family with Anjali. They fall for each other and get married. Kannan made 'Settai', a remake of the Bollywood flick, 'Delhi Belly'. In 2009, 'R. Kannan' married Madhanaa and since then they are together. His son name is Arjun and daughter name is Laya.


Kathir Director

Kathir is a renowned Tamil film director, who has also done a fair bit of screenwriting and production work. He is a veteran of the Tamil film industry, having made his directorial debut in 1991. He has written every film that he’s directed and his films have been generally well received by fans and audiences alike. Born in a small village to a farming household, Kathir attended a variety of schools before he graduated. He completed his graduation from the College of Fine Arts and Crafts in Chennai, eventually earning a diploma in that field. In 1991, he wrote the script for as well as directed ‘Idhayam’. The film, which is set in a medical college and talks about a shy boy and how he cannot confess his love for a girl, was a massive hit for that time period and was even considered a standard bearer for romantic Tamil films. His next work came in 1993. The movie was titled ‘Uzhavan’ and it is a heart-wrenching story about a farmer who cannot find love before the death of his mother, whose last wish is to see her son happily married. The film was given positive reviews. He then worked on and released a movie named Kadhal Desam, a movie revolving around a college love triangle that was easily his biggest hit till that point. Not only did it do well at the box office, it was also loved by critics. It was dubbed and released in Telegu, where it again did good box office numbers; however, the Hindi version of the film didn’t do so well. Kathir then took on a more contemporary topic in his next film Kadhalar Dhinam. The story revolves around a couple that begins seeing each other then problems arise in their relationship when the male starts having doubts. Once again, the film did wonders at the box office and was a critical success as well. There was no such luck with his next venture, Kadhal Virus, a movie that also saw him venture into production for the first time. The love triangle theme brought little success this time as the film was panned by critics and did bad box office numbers. After a number of ventures that failed to take off due to reasons often beyond his control, he made his debut in Kannada cinema earlier this year with the film Nan Love Track.

Kathir Director Tamil Actor