Bharati Kannan is a Tamil film actor and director. Born on 1 June, 1962, he began his career as an assistant director in the year 1981, assisting the director, Nellai Sundararajan. The next fifteen years went on with the same post of assisting the director, Sunderrajan. In addition to this, he also acted in many films as a supporting actor, some of which were ‘Nethiyadi’, ‘Jadikketha Moodi’, ‘ Kayal’, ‘Mayakannadi’, ‘ Singham’, ‘Adi Bahar’, and ‘The Yellow Festival’.

Fifteen years hence, he started out yet again as an apprentice to the director, K. Shankar, for a number of films. At the same time, he also worked as the film distributor for some movies and acted in a few of them as well. Some of the films he released, as a distributor, were ‘ Guna’, and ‘Pandian’, in Tirunelveli. While working for the director, K. Shankar, Bharati Kannan was also in search of a producer who was willing to produce a film based on Kannan’s script. His debut as a film director was in 1996 with the Tamil drama film, Aruva Velu, featuring Nassar and Urvashi, which did not do well either with the film critics or at the box office. He then received another offer to direct the film, ‘Thirunelveli’, from R. B. Choudhary, featuring Prabhu in the leading role, but even that proved to be a failure. Following these films, he tried his hand at devotional films and directed a few such as Shri Raja Rajeshwari, and Sri Bannari Amman. However, even these failed to make a mark as they were slammed at the box office and the film critics alike, yet again.

His next attempt at a slightly different themed film saw the release of Vayasu Pasanga, a film about the lives of young adults, in 2004, but again, the film was met with a sharp lash from critics. More recently, he directed ‘Karakattakari’, and has decided to opt against directing and put more focus on acting. In this respect, he has continued acting and has been a part of various films as well as of some television series like ‘Kolangal’, and ‘ Rajakumari’.

Bharathi Krishnakumar Tamil Actor

Bharathi Krishnakumar

Life is not just about money or status. It is more than that. People lead their life to achieve their goals. They want to be unique. In spite of leading a miserable life, they try to dream big and achieve the desired goals. Though the society didn't give any good experiences in their childhood, they strive to make the world a better place to live in. With their social awareness, they will take the responsibility to build a more comfortable society. He is one of the famous personalities of Tamil film industry, Bharathi Krishnakumar. Film writer, director, and producer, Bharathi Krishnakumar's hometown is Madhuri district of Tamil Nadu state in India. He was raised at different areas of Tamil Nadu like Sattur, Karaikkudi, etc. From Karaikkudi, they moved to Ramanthapur, in 1984. Again, they changed their residence from Ramanthapur to Virudhunagar, in 1995. Coming to his education qualifications, he completed his schooling from Thiagarajar Model Higher Secondary School. In 2009, he completed his post graduation in History from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. He has vast knowledge in his subject and grew special passion for history. He is a person who has a fascination towards society. As an orator, he speaks well on different aspects. He will attend many of the programs in the city, and tries to motivate the people around him and also the audience. After his graduation, he tried his hand at the film industry. He even assisted many film writers, and has become a well-known person in the Tamil film arena. In 2001, Bharathi Krishnakumar came up with a documentary film on the very burning topic in the country. The central theme of the documentary is education. Basing the status of education in the state of Tamil Nadu, he directed the documentary. With this attempt, he wanted to portray the state of affairs as far as schooling and the associated aspects are concerned. Through the documentary, he opined that the commercialisation of schools should be reduced, and the knowledge should be distributed through the institutions in such a way that there should not be any class or caste prejudices. The documentary came in association with Institute of Human Rights Education. As a director, Bharathi Krishnakumar is coming closer to the Tamil Nadu people with the movie, Yendru Thaniyum. It is about to hit the theaters in November, 2016. Yendru Thaniyum has got the required promotion by now. Bharathi Krishnakumar is not just an orator, but also a good author. He penned some books in the Tamil language. He takes the credit of opening book fairs, and motivating children and people to read more.


Bramma G

Pirammanathan is the original name of Bramma.G. As people find difficult to pronounce, he changed his name. Bramma is a Kollywood director and a stage celebrity. He has penned and directed many dramas in English and Tamil languages past 12 years, all over Tamil Nadu state. He has made many short movies and factual movies and came from social work and communication backdrop. Bramma is the filmmaker of Kuttram Kadithal which won a National Award. He is also a writer for the movie "Magalir Mattum." The shooting of this movie is in progress and expected to release in the year 2017, in which Jyothika is said to be the main lead. He dreamt that his name would roll on screens one day, and he achieved his dream in a quiet way. He graduated from Loyola College. He began directing theater plays since his college days, and he even ran a Theatre company and named it as "Proscenium." He even directed and released the video titled "Just Vote" on the YouTube channel. Bramma's friends helped him in making this video and encouraged him to make a movie. He has written stories for 500 street theater before entering the cine field. He was an active participant of National Service Scheme at college. With this, he got an interest in street plays and took part in many competitions. He did not keep a full stop to that and continued his interest along with his friend. He recalled in one of his interviews that as his dad was a Tamil teacher, he doesn't like media field. But he even told happily that once when he wrote a story and gave it to his dad, he felt proud and shared with his friends. In future, he would like to experiment different genres like comedy, satire, thriller, etc. According to him, a movie is a tool that must be managed with complete responsibility. He even likes to do many movies based on Tamil culture, since because he feels that there are fewer movies based on Tamil culture. He feels that he got a huge responsibility after his first movie got a huge appreciation and "National Award."

Bramma G Tamil Actor