Sudha Raghunathan is an Indian classical singer who is renowned for her skilled Carnatic style of music. Her career has been highlighted by several concerts, and she has also worked as a musical director in the Tamil film industry. Sudha was a naturally talented singer who began her training when she was but a toddler. Her mother initiated her musical education with devout Hindu bhajans and sons, all of which she was quick to absorb. She later studied under B V Lakshman. The Indian Government awarded her with a scholarship to learn under the tutelage of the artist, Dr. M L Vasantha Kumari, in 1977. During this period, she underwent rigorous training in the Gurukula style, where all learning was in the form of observation and vocal instruction. She accompanied professionals on their concerts and developed her musical prowess. Throughout her journey, she has collaborated with some of the World’s best talents. Sudha has been an annual performer at the Madras Music Season since 1990. Her work has been showcased at the United Nations, Theatre de la Ville in Paris and Broadway in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York . She is the only Indian singer to have taken part in the Global Vocal Meeting organized by the 'Burghof,’ an Academy of Music and Arts in Germany.

She has done substantial work in Kollywood as a playback singer. She made her debut in the movie ‘Ivan.’ She has also worked on the musical direction of the film, ‘Thanneer.’ She established the Sudhaarnava Academy for Musical Excellence to propagate the traditional way of music while imbibing it with her own personal touch. The Government of Tamil Nadu presented her with the Kalaimamani Award in 1993, and she received the Sangita Kalanidhi in 2013. She has been awarded two of the Nation’s highest honors, the Padma Shri (2004) and the Padma Bhushan (2015). The Samudhaaya Foundation was set up by her in 1999 to help the more impoverished communities with healthcare and education. It has also done significant work in disaster relief across the country. Sudha’s music has helped in throwing a global spotlight on Carnatic Music. She serves to inspire vocalists across genres and borders.