Chezhiyan Tamil Actor
Other Skills

The Tamil film industry has a shining star and his name is Chezhiyan - Indian cinematographer, mainly working for the Tamil film industry. He was born in South Tamil Nadu at Sivaganga, and has a degree in Civil Engineering. Before becoming a cinematographer, he began his journey as the apprentice of P.C. Sreeram, who guided and helped him. He is a full- fledged cinematographer. He does great work and has many acclaims under his name.

Chezhiyan started his career with his debut movie, ‘Kalloori’, where he started as a cinematographer. He got a lot of appraisal for his cinematography in Bala’s ‘ Paradesi Click to look into! >> Read More... Paradesi ’, which released in the year 2013. He is a pro at his work. He is focused and believes in performing his best, every time. This quality can be noticed with the fact that he has received appraisals and awards for the ‘Best Cinematographer’, namely in 2013 at the BFI London Film Festival.

He has a super successful career in cinematographer, but that’s not all, as he is also a successful author to many books on cinema. He has written a book in Tamil named ‘Ulaga Cinema’, which Ananda Vikatan published (the Tamil weekly magazine). He wrote a short story named ‘Harmonium’, in 2004, for which he received the KATHA award. He is a multi-talented person and this fact has been proved by his all rounder performance. He did a literary thesis on ‘Imagery in Tamil Short Stories’ (2004-2006), and received the Junior Fellowship Award for his work. This was presented to him by the Indian Government, specifically, the Ministry of Culture. He has also been awarded ‘The Best Cinematographer’ for his film, ‘Kallathoti’, in the Norway Short Film Festival in 2011.

He has given his contribution to many fields. He has not built a wall of only cinema around him, but has also contributed to literature. He has made many great documentaries as a cinematographer. He has given us some of the most famous documentaries, such as the biographical documentation on the former President, APJ Abdul Kalam, which was named, ‘A Little Dream’, as well as the documentary on T. Jeyakanthan, who was a Tamil writer. He has his own school of music. He has also published many books, which teach about western music theory. ‘The Music School’, which was started by him in Tamil and English, gives guidance to the students about western music. He has proved himself to be an all rounder as he has covered all the fields in the industry and is striving for the best.