South Indian film industry is not only known for its A grade big films and their big audience but it is also famous for its B grade masala films. Apoorva is an Indian actress who is famous for her B grade spicy films. She was born in 1974 in Hyderabad. Like majority of B grade actresses she is neither well educated nor she got an early start in the industry.

Apoorva is good at speaking Telugu, Tamil and Kanaada languages. She got her debut from a Telugu film “Maa Avida Mida Ottu Mee Avida Chala Manchidi” in 2001. It was an average film but her acting talent and beauty was appreciated by many directors. Her second Movie “Allari” was a Telugu comedy that wasn’t a commercial hit but it did average business on the box office.

After the release of “Allari” she took a break. She was seen again in 2010 in a Kanaada movie “ Jackie Click to look into! >> Read More... Jackie ”. She has worked in more than 15 movies till now. We cannot grade her movies by their box office success. She is one of the popular actresses of Telugu Cinema with her own fan following. Her two movies are scheduled to hit the screen this year. She said she is waiting for her big break.