Sound Editor (0 - 9)


Sound-editor Records What You Hear, Create What You Record

A Sound Editor assembles various sound recordings from various sources and mixes all of them, to create better sound and add value to the existing track. Their major work starts after the filming is done, at the “Audio Post Production” stage. They are the ones who add the background music and the special effects. At the same stage, the director finalizes the final cuts in the film. The dialogues are cleared and edited. The recorded sounds during filmmaking are then added by mapping the sounds with the particular scene that has been included.

The syncing of the audio and the picture is done. The most crucial job for the sound editor is after the film cuts are finalized- the extra undesired sounds are carefully removed, for example, the flying of an airplane or the barking of a dog. They possess an immense knowledge of acoustics and electronics. They also handle the sound budget for the movie.