Politician (0 - 12)


Politician Represent Leaders

Politicians are people who actively take part in regional, state or national level politics. They are usually good at politics and governance and state affairs. Politicians also know about the law and order of the country. They run in campaigns and get elected for different positions in the political structure. They are elected by democracies like ours and tend to hold positions in government and other political places. Politicians are also termed differently at different posts and roles such as Prime Minister, President, MLA, Party Leader, Governor, Legislator, Mayor, Town Head etc.

A person running for the polls is known as a campaigner or a candidate for the role. A Communist is someone who is the leader of a communist political party while a Democrat is a leader of the Democratic Party. They either have prior political connections or join politics because they are genuinely interested in it. He/she work in favor of the public who have voted for them or run the polls for a charitable cause. Politicians use their power to help the people and take their problems to the ruling government. They make important decision for the people below them. He/ She works towards solving the day - to - day problems of the working class. They are responsible for the area under them and take care of the governance of that sector.