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Pamman was born on 28th February 1920 in Kollam, Kerala. Pamman is regarded as one of the most gifted and prolific writers in the history of Keralite literature. Most of Pamman’s novels and writing pieces always tackled taboo subjects like human sensuality and sexuality. Pamman wrote around 50 novels, few of which were made into films.

His most famous novel is Chattakari which has been transformed into a film on multiple occasions. The novel deals with the subject of having a child out of wedlock. In 1974, Chattakkari was released as a Malayalam film with Lakshmi playing the character of Julie and Mohan Sharma Mohan Sharma is a prominent Indian film actor, pro >> Read More... as Sasi. The movie revolves around Julie, who is an Anglo-Indian girl and is friends with a very traditional Hindu girl named Usha (played by Sujatha).

Julie meets Usha’s brother Sasi and she falls in love with him. Their relationship gets stronger and stronger and eventually Julie gets pregnant with Sasi’s child without having wed each other. The story follows how, the traditional family of Sasi accept Julie and it deals with lots of issues related to women’s freedom and sexuality. The film Kerala State Award for the best Malayalam movie. Lakshmi won the award for best actress and Pamman won the best storyteller award.

The next year, in 1975 the movie was remade in Bollywood in Hindi. Lakshmi reprised her role in the Hindi remake also. Vikram Makandar played the character of Sasi. Directed by KS Sethumadhavan and music by Rajesh Roshan Being a renowned music composer of Hindi films, Ra >> Read More... , the movie became a monster hit. It is still regarded as one of the greatest Bollywood films. Lakshmi once again received the Best actress award and Rajesh Roshan won the award for best music director. This movie made Pamman a national superstar as the whole movie was based on his novel and his work slowly started getting recognized all over the country.

Some of his other celebrated works are Missi, Appu, Karmayogi, Odukkam, Sister, Orumbattaval and Thamburatti along with numerous others. Most of Pamman’s work has been documented in the Kerala state board’s literature section. He also won the State Film awards twice. After his services to the literary world, Pamman was appointed as the GM for Western Railways, and was stationed at Mumbai. He passed away on 3rd June 2007 due to cardiac arrest in Mumbai.

Another Version of the Bio...

Pamman is a well-known writer, who had most of his writings in Malayalam language. His date of birth is 28 February 1992. He originally belongs to a place known as Kollam, which is situated in Kerala, India. He is mostly known for writing novels. However, he has written some of the movie scripts as well in the same language. Talking about his theme of novels, his novels are mostly based on the human’s thought process or something we call as the human psyche.

He has contributed in the writing industry by writing 44 novels and several short tales. Due to his creative writings, some of the movies based on his novels are made. Two such novels are Chattakari and Adimakal. His most famous novel is Bhraanthu. His other literary works include Missi, Thamburatti, Ammini Ammavan, Nerippodu, Orumbattaval, Appu, Vashalan, Samaran, Chakravatham,

Devagandhari, Karppoorathulasiyude Manan, Chathurangam, Pappomoksham, Karmmayogi, Ashtamathil Shani, Poochakkannulla Pennungal, Odukkam, Vazhi Pizhachavar, Panchavatiyile Gandharvam, Sister, Nirbhagyajaathakam, Thiranottam, Kuttasammadahdhtham, Ezhunnallathu – a collection of stories, and Orupidi Nizhalukal. He also had won the State Film Award, not once, but twice. He also worked in Western Railway for a certain period as a General Manager in Mumbai. He passed away on 3 June 2007.


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