Medayil Radhakrishnan Rajakrishnan is an Indian audiographer, sound designer, and music director. He was born on May 25th, 1977 in Trivandrum, Kerela. His family has had many great musicians. His father, M.G. Radhakrishnan was a master of Carnatic Music and a renowned music director in the Malayalam film industry. His mother Padmaja Rakdhakrishnan is famous in the field of art and literature. His grandparents were also renowned singers of Carnatic music, and his uncle, M.G. Sreekumar is a Malayalam singer. He is married to Manju Radhakrishnan and has a daughter, Gowri Parvathy.

Radhakrishnan began learning classical music from a very early age under the guidance of his aunt Dr. K. Omanakutty while at the same time studying the mridangam, a musical instrument, under his tutors Mavelikara Krishnankutty Nair and Thripunithura Radhakrishnan. He went on to obtain a bachelors degree in economics from Mar Ivanios College, Trivandrum, and also did a course in sound designing from Chethana Studio in Thrissur. While at college, he wanted to become a cinematographer. Music has been never his first choice, despite his family background. Later, when he did join the music industry, it was not as a music director, because he did not want people to compare him to his father who was a renowned music composer in the Malayalam film industry. It was director ' Priyadarshan' who encouraged Radhakrishnan towards the sound business. He had Radhakrishnan to spend time at his studio in Chennai, where he worked under the mentorship of Deepen Chatterjee, slowly honing himself into the prodigy that he is today. He has worked in over two hundred films in various regional languages such as Marathi, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali.

He has worked with renowned directors, including Lal Jose, Santosh Sivan, Priyadarshan, etc.He began work under Deepen Chatterjee as a sound engineer and later joined Priyadarshan’s company – Four Frames Studio where he now is the Chief Sound Engineer. He worked on the Bengali film "Balothekko", which bagged the National Award in 2004, while working with Deepen Chatterjee whom he has assisted in over seventy films.

He is the recipient of many awards. Some of these include the Pearl Award for the Best Sound Design for the film "Manchadikuru", Kerela state Film Award for Best Sound Designer for the same, Surya TV Award for Best Sound Designer and Kerela state Film Award for his work in "Urumi", Kerela Film Critics Award for Best Sound Mixing for the film "Keertichakra", Amritha Fertanity Award for Best audiography for the film "Ananthabadhram".

He is very enthusiastic about his work and is known for his attention to detail. He looks to Hollywood movies such as "Jurassic Park", " Gravity" and Bollywood movies such as " Black" for inspiration. He finds the sound designing for horror films very fascinating. Radhakrishnan works with the latest technology to deliver best results and feels that theatres in Kerela also need to be updated so as to give the best effects. Advice he would like to give to the younger generation of sound engineers is that they should learn to be patient and appreciate the cinema, and remember that sound is an art that one cannot perfect in a day’s time.

Radhakrishnan is his own worst critic and believes that his best work is yet to come. He scrutinizes his work brutally to find where he went wrong and work on it again. Radhakrishnan lets his work do all the talking on his behalf. He lives with his family in his ancestral home in Trivandrum, Kerela.

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P M Satheesh

P.M. Satheesh was born in Kollam, Kerala, India. He is an Indian film sound designer, mixer and sound editor. In the year 1999, he received the National award for being the best sound design and recording artist for his work in Kumar Talkies. He has been known to work for Hollywood, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi films. He completed his graduation from the National Film and Television Institute which is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. In the past, he has worked as a sound recordist and sound designer on multiple documentaries for reputed companies such as BBC channel, National Geographic, Channel 4, CBC and National Film Board of Canada. He has also worked on featured films such as Dreaming Lhasa, Fakir of Venice, Mangal Pandey: The Rising and 15 Park Avenue. For the past six years he has been known to hold an exclusive contract with MTV India for creating sounds for broadcasts and live music events. He is the Founder and Chief sound designer for Fireflys Post Sound. Over the past two decades of his experience in local sound and sound design P.M. Satheesh has established Scuba Location Sound. He painstakingly has established this company putting together sound equipment which is high end and also about a dozen freelance sound recordists who work under this guidance. This set up of his allows Scuba to record location sounds for documentation and television purposes where there isn’t much time left for post dubbing. This set up of his was a revolution in the sound business and braving all the logistical nightmares that could come their way P.M. Satheesh used Professional tools on location in the Himalaya for a multi-task hard disk recording that he was doing for Dreaming Lhasa which is a Tibetan featured film. According to P.M. Satheesh, the film Baahubali was one of the few films which gave a lot of importance to the sound recordings in it. While recording sounds for the picture, they gave up the idea of shooting with synchronized sound as the dialogue delivery had to be modified accordingly. The sound team later decided on embedding several types of microphones across the whole set to record the ambiance sound. This according to him lends the film a natural feel. As these sounds aren’t available in the market, it gives the movie a sense of authenticity which could otherwise be a challenge for a sound designer.

P M Satheesh Malayalam Actor