Malayalam Sound Designer ( 0 - 12 )

M. R. Rajakrishnan

Vivek Sachidanand

VP Krishnakumar

Boby John


Sound Designer

A sound designer is a person who creates sound tracks for a variety of purposes. Sound designing involves acquiring different audio elements for the production of the audio track using different techniques and tools. Sound designers are required in almost every entertainment industry such as filmmaking, television production, video game development, theatre, sound recording, live performance, sound art, post-production, radio and musical instrument development.

Sound designers also needs to modify the already recorded audio elements and dialogues in order to use them in their sound track. In filmmaking, a sound designer is responsible for creating all or some of the sound tracks being used in the movie project. The term song designer is given to a person entirely responsible for all the sound tracks being used in that project.

Sound designers are not given exposure to the industry as they work behind the scenes but ultimately they are an important asset for any entertainment industry and hence require some recognition among the audience.