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Making A Movie Is Not As Easy As Watching One

Making A Movie Is Not As Easy As Watching One. It Takes A Lot Of Work, And Especially It Takes A Lot Of People To Get All The Work Done In Time. A Lot Hours Of Vigorous Work Later You Might Have Something To Be Proud Of And Something That The Audience Might Enjoy.

A Film Set Contains Many Different Crews Who Work Together To Get The End Result. Production, Grip, Electric, Camera, Prop, Art, Costume Sound, Hair – Makeup , Medic Etc. Audiographers Work In The Sound Department Of A Film Or TV Production. They Deal With Sound Recording, Dialogue Editing, Sound Effects, Dubbing, Sound Mixing, Background Noise And Various Other Important Aspects Of A Production.

They Work In The Vital Part Of The Film, Because Without The *Dhishum-Dhishum* A Fight Scene In A Movie Just Won’t Be Complete. Here Is A List Of Some Of The Most Talented Audiographers Who Creatively Bring Out The Best In A Movie.