The great play writer, Scriptwriter, Film Director of Malayalam film industry Thoppil Bhaskara Pillai was born on 8 April 1924 at Vallikunnam in Alleppey district. He is the eldest son of Thoppil Parameshwaran Pillai and Nanikkutti Amma. His wish to study indigenous medicine was fulfilled when his father registered him at the Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram. He led Agitated Student’s Movement progressing to the installation of various facilities, benefits of which are enjoyed by current students as well. He was very active in his social life.

He collaborated with the Communist Movement in Kerala, and he was the trendsetter by making his play 'Ningalenne Communistakki' (You Made Me a Communist) the great spearheading in the olden days of Malayalam Theater. He became the first president of the Vallikunnom Panchayat and was chosen twice to the state assembly to participate in the State elections from Bharanikkavu in 1954 and Pathanamthitta in 1957. He was done with his political work and decided to concentrate on theater. He wrote about 110 scripts for Malayalam movies. Kerala People's Art's Club (KPAC), the theatrical movie which, made in the 1950s, helped them to become a strength to Kerala's show platform. For KPAC, he penned down about 16 plays.

Gradually he shifted to the film industry where he wrote about 100 screenplays and changed to the direction in 16 Malayalam movies in the Malayalam language in which many of them were box - office hit. Thoppil Bhasi tied a knot with Amminiamma. They have four sons and one daughter named - Ajayan, Soman, Rajan Suresh, and Mala. His work Mudiyanaya Putharan and Puthiya Akasham, Puthiya Bhumi won the Kerala Sahithya Academy Awards, and he was awarded fellowship by the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award in 1981.

He was also the inheritor of the Professor N Krishna Pills I Award and the Soviet Land Nehru Award. He also wrote short stories for different publications which are remained to get done. He was the continuous grantor to the Janayugom Magazine. The great personality Thoppil Bhaskara Pillai died on 8 December 1992. His autobiography is known as the Olivile Ormmakal which has given rays to all the outsiders communist. Thoppil Bhaskara Pillai is such an inspiration for everyone. He was the fighter for the communists. His actions, attitude, behaviour was always appreciated as he was such a humble person and a great achiever in his life.