Malayalam Playwright ( 0 - 10 )

K. T. Muhammed

Sasidharan Arattuvazhi

A K Lohithadas

N. Govindan Kutty


Kalamandalam Kesavan

Ammu Ramachandran


Playwright is a person who writes a Drama/Play.

A playwright is a person who writes a Drama/Play. One of the most famous Playwright of all times is William Shakespeare who is well known for his creations like Romeo & Juliet etc. 

A playwright’s job is to bring words, themes and other elements to form into a dramatic playA playwright can write various kinds of plays which include full length plays and short plays. The playwright creates a well-formed formation of words, themes and other elements to create a play which serves as a medium for people to better understand what the writer wants to portray to the audiences.

The playwrights have the responsibility to create sensible Drama/Play which can give a strong message to the audience or can entertain them. The playwright takes inspirations from their neighboring society or use their imagination to show what others can’t see, all through their plays. The playwrights make their plays dramatic so that their audiences are kept involved to it until the end of the play.