Kavya Suresh Malayalam Actress

Kavya Suresh is a model, as well as an actress and her work, is majorly in the south Indian film industry, predominantly in Malayalam movies. She is a native of Chennai in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. She was born on 28th December in 1994 in Chennai and brought up there. She completed her college and got a degree in Visual Communication From a very young age she took training under the guidance of the actress Jayabharti.

Kavya is a professionally trained Bharatnatyam dancer, and dance is her first love. She began her training when she was merely five years old. Since the year 2006, Kavya is part of a Dance School She is immensely passionate about it. Her talent in dance caught Jayabharti’s attention, and after training with her, she got various opportunities to perform on different platforms, and this eventually paved the way for her acting career.

She was part of famous movies like Lasagu Usaga, Kamuki, etc. Lasagu Usaga was her debut movie. She received the role of the lead character in the story. The storyline of the script focusses on prevalent social issues but through the medium of the journey of a love story.

The movie hence does not seem like a lecture on social values but comes across as a love story with a message here and there, something that stays with you even after the film is over. The other actors who played important characters in the movie were Govind Padmasoorya Govind Padmasoorya is a Malayalam film actor and a >> Read More... Govind Padmasoorya , Ganapathi, Geetha Vijayan Geetha Vijayan was born on June 22, 1972. She hail >> Read More... Geetha Vijayan , etc. The climax of the movie was not taken well by the censor board.

The project finally released in the year 2013. Kavya portrayed her character with utmost sincerity and impressed audiences with her acting as well as singing talent. Her appearance in the movie Kamuki drew a lot of attention towards her, and she became a recognizable face.

She played the role of Tina, and many started knowing her by her on-screen name. She worked in Thenkasikattu with the actor Hemanth Menon Hemanth Menon is a Malayalam film actor, who was >> Read More... Hemanth Menon as her co-star. Soon she stepped into Telugu movies with Suryasthamayam. She is part of a Tamil project titled Charlie Chaplin Charles Chaplin popularly known as Charlie Chaplin >> Read More... Charlie Chaplin 2.

Apart from acting Kavya has a keen interest in the creative fields of art and music. She has a few videos on social networking platforms in which she is singing, and her voice has attracted many views on the videos. Her larger aim is opening an art school and helping provide opportunities to autistic children who possess exceptional talent, but don't get a suitable platform to explore it.