Malayalam Dancer ( 0 - 12 )

Kala Vijayan

Appani Sarath


Dancer Makes The Body And Soul Feel Light-hearted

A dancer is the one who can beautifully depict a situation, a character or a story through their body language, gesture, and movement. They know the word versatility well and can portray them in different genres of dance like contemporary dance, modern stage dance, classical ballet, African or Asian dance and street dance. They may perform on stage or sometimes they also record their performance which is used in the TV show, movie or music video. They sometimes combine dancing with teaching and choreography.

They may also do administrative work in some dance company. They also help in preparing for various auditions and work in collaboration with casting directors for bringing up new people in the film industry. They also sometimes decide the costumes and the equipment's related to dance department of the movie. They sometimes also conduct workshops for general people and encourage them to pursue their dream.