Prem Nawas

Other names of Prem Nawas: Abdul Wahab

Prem Nawaz aka Abdul Wahab is a Malayalam movie producer and Indian actor. He was born to his father Shahul Hamid and mother Asmabeevi at his hometown Chirayinkeezhu in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerela. His wife’s name is Sulochana Nawas. His brother Prem Nazir was one of the timeless romantic heroes of Malayalam cinema. Nawaz has been an integral part of many successful Malayalam films and was one of the favorites of the audience.

Prem Nawaz and his elder brother has similar talent so he changed his name from Abdul to Prem so that his identity could be in synchronization with his brother’s. Prem Nawaz's son Prem Kishore has also been a part of the Malayalam acting community through movies like Thaskara Puthran and Vacation. His debut movie Koodapirappu directed by J.D. Thottan was released in the year 1956. Ambika played the lead role opposite to Prem Nawaz as his heroine in the film. The film was Ambika’s debut too. Since then he has acted in the lead role in many black and white Malayalam movies.

Although he was not as famous as his brother in Malayalam cinema, he has played many rememberable roles in movies and quite a few time-honoured songs have also been pictured on him. Prem Nawaz played the lead role in the first ever color Malayalam film named Kandam Becha kottu. The film concentrated on the theme – “The bad impacts of the dowry system”. T.R. Sundaram was the director and the producer of the movie. It was released on August 24, 1961. He also starred in Nellu released in 1974 under the direction of Ramu Kariyattu. Besides, he also appeared in the famous romantic song, Akkarayaanente Taamasam.

The song became quite popular among the audience. Some of his other movies include films like : Subaida released in 1965; Atom Bomb made public in 1964; Kalpadukal released in 1962; Arappavan broadcasted in 1961, etc. Prem Nawaz has also produced movies like Agniputhri, Keni, Neethi, Poojakkedukkaatha Pookkal, and Thulaavarsham. All of his productions have been successful films in the world of Malayalam cinema. Other films that Prem Nawaz has worked in includes movies like Ammu, Vrindavanam, Preethi, Kanyakumari, Manpeda, etc. The last movie in which he was seen was Prem Nazeerine Kaanmanilla directed by Lenin Rajendran. Prem Nawaz's brother Prem Nazir played the lead role in this movie. The film was released in the year 1983.

Prathapachandran Malayalam Actor


Prathapachandran was a Malayalam actor hailing from Omallur, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala. He was born on 1941. He was married to Chandrika and has three wonderful children namely Prathibha, Anoop and Deepak. He did schooling only till his 9th standard. His school days made beautiful childhood memories where he won so many prizes for dramas, fancy dress competitions, etc. With his passion for acting, he always left a vivid impression of his character roles. When he was 14 years, he moved to Kollam and later to Madras with a strong hope of getting offers for acting in movies. He was there for three years in Madras. Though he did not bag any roles initially, he did not give up or lose hope. He went on to do radio dramas and plays which were conducted by the “Malayalee group of Association” in Madras. In 1962, he got a chance to make his debut appearance in the Malayalam cinema. He acted like an old man in “Viyarppinte Vila” which was directed by Krishnan Nair. After his debut performance, he got a not-so-positive response which gave him few insignificant roles in other movies. Disheartened by everything, he went back to Kollam and did stage dramas for a troupe called “Kalidasa Kalkendara”. Ups and downs are a part of life. So after a while, he made his way to movies again. His major comeback film is named as “AdiSankaracharya” where he played a supporting role as ‘Padmapadar’. After this movie, there was no looking back. He became actively engrossed in doing movies and did more than 400 movies in this profession. Some of his notable work includes “Kottayam Kunjachan”, “Oru CBI Diary Kurippu”, etc. Tall, strong and well-built, his biggest gifted talent was his voice which he used to modulate according to the character that he chose to depict. He did amazing dramatic portrayal with the help of his voice. He also did few television shows like “Kadamattathu Kathanar” and “Deepam”. As he was well appreciated in the Malayalam industry, he also got opportunities to work in the Tamil film industry. He did some Tamil movies like “Mannan”, “Malabar Police”, “Nayagan”, “Walter Vetrivel”, etc. He has also produced films like“Kodathy”, “Manavadharmam”, “Ee Thalamura Ingana”, “Kaattuthee”, etc. Prathapachandran is a well-known personality in the Malayalam film industry and also to the audience because of his numerous box office hits. He played various roles as a father, police constable, judge, advocate, colonel, doctor, principal, priest, jailor, friend, college mate, etc. He did justice even to the smallest roles in a movie. From being a villain to being a godfather, he has been a recipient of many awards and recognitions. Sadly, he passed away on 16th December 2004 at the age of 63 years due to a massive cardiac arrest. May his soul rest in peace forever.