Prem Lal is a Malayalam actor who has yet to find his way to stardom after overcoming many constraints. Belonging to a down-to-earth family, he did not fundamentally set forth towards building a career in the entertainment industry. He spent his childhood in Trivandrum from where he navigated himself to Kerala in search of employment. He is very close to his family and does not allow his professional and personal life to intersect. Prem’s profession as an actor may not involve several successful films, but he is not negligent of the quality of projects that he undertakes. His fans regard him with utmost respect because of his exceptional acting and originality.

He does not endorse any product unless he has utter faith in it, and judging by his choice in films, it is quite evident that he adheres to his principle. Prem’s debut in the Malayalam film industry was not under a renowned directors’ guidance, but rather, his dramatic skills were analyzed by a debutant not quite unlike himself. Featuring in an independent film titled The Error and The Trial (2015), which is based on real incidents, he decided to exhibit his acting expertise in a less mainstream manner. Directed by RV Hiranraj, this cinematographic masterpiece was characterized to belong to the environmental and urban genre of films. Rejprasad’s commendable editing tactics were used in the film, and it was produced under the banner of Anary S Boby.

Hiranraj, albeit a young director, has shown an astonishing amount of expertise and Prem Lal has done justice to the film as the protagonist. The director has worked as an editor in other films such as Seeking After The Light. The movie’s 9 minutes-long trailer astounds the audience and leaves them hoping for more. The sound mixing got accredited to Jose and the stills from the movie rendered the viewers amazed. Prem Lal attended the Adoorbhasi Cinema-Television Awards (2016), which is an award show celebrating 70 years of Malayalam cinema. The Adoor Bhasi cultural forum moderates the award show in hopes to provide actors and the filming crew a fair share of recognition.

Prem Lal received an award, which was delivered to him by the legendary Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor that Indi >> Read More... Kamal Haasan . He has not provided any updates on his current whereabouts. He remains silent on his recent ventures and prefers not to disclose existing occupation. He does not hold any stance about falling into mainstream movie-making anytime soon. For all we know, he may be quietly embarking upon another journey that will change the face of the Malayalam cinema.