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If you have a dream goal, but because of some circumstances, you were unable to reach that position, then all through your life, you have to live in a frustrated and discouraged way. It would be better if you try hard and someway or the other, try to reach the destined aim. The same thing happened to the Malayalam actor, P. K. Abraham.

P. K. Abraham is from the Kottayam district of Kerala State, India. After his studies, he worked as an employee in a well-known business firm based in Kottayam. But it used to be a great disappointment for him regarding his lifestyle. From the very childhood, he always dreamt of becoming an actor, and appearing on the screen. Fortunately or unfortunately, he is working as an employee. Finally, he decided to become an actor and he did it.

P. K. Abraham slowly tried his hand at acting, and reached it by doing minor roles. From the beginning to the end, he always tried to make the best of his abilities. Though he appeared in and around hundred films, he never did the lead roles in his career.

P. K. Abraham got introduced to the movie industry with the 1973 movie ‘ Yamini Story soon >> Read More... ’. He played the role of Govinda, which gained the attention of the audience. Then, he took the side roles in two of the 1975 movies, ‘Chalanam’, and ‘Criminals’. His luminous performance in the 1976 flick Light House got a critical response from the audience and the critics. A. B. Raj directed the film, and Prem Nadir and Jayan took the lead roles. This character became so famous, because he did two roles as Raja Sekharan and Vikraman, and they contributed more to the flow of the plot. The year 1976 is one of the glorious years in the career of P. K. Abraham. He did roles from different genres. He played a role in ‘ Abhinandana Abhinandana is Telugu daily serial which was telec >> Read More... ’, in 1976. In the same year, he did a negotiating role in K. G. George's debut flick ‘Swapnadanam’. Ravi Chandra, Woman, and T. R. Omana appeared as the main characters. P. K. Abraham took the role of a psychiatrist, Venugopal. This film is a sort of psychological thriller with marriage as the background story. In the later half of the 1970's, his notable films include Satyavan Savitri Satyavan-Savitri is a Marathi-language television >> Read More... , ‘ Anugraham Anugraham is a unique television program that fall >> Read More... ’, ‘Bandhanam’, etc. His role as Siddhantam's father in A. B. Ayyappan Nair's Swarna Gopuram, made him a famous actor in the Malayalam film industry. He stopped his acting career with the film ‘Kaduva Thoma’, in 1997. He is not just an actor, but also wrote screenplays for ‘Dhruvam’, ‘Eenadu’, Sree Krishna Parunthu, etc. He looks dignified in the movies, Air Hostess Air Hostess was a Hindi Tele series telecasted on >> Read More... and ‘Uyarangalil’.


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