The Malayalam actor and director Basil Joseph was born on 28th of April, 1990. Basil did part of his schooling from St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, situated in Sulthan Bathery, and the rest from S. K. M. J. Higher Secondary School in Kalpetta. He completed his Bachelor’s degree from College of Engineering, Trivandrum. He is also a scriptwriter.

Basil started his career in the film industry in the year of 2012, by acting in a short film, ‘CET Life’, which is a Malayalam rom-com. On the 16th of July, in the year of 2012, Basil released his next short film, ‘Shhh’, after which he did a comedy story revolving around four techies, ‘Priyamvadha Katharayano’, which he wrote and directed in the same year. This received good comments from people.

The year 2013 saw his performance in two other short films namely ‘Pakalukalude Rani’, written and directed by Ritwik Baiju, and ‘Oru Thundu Padam’, which was released in March and directed by himself. The short film, ‘Oru Thundu Padam’, crossed one lakh views in just three days.

He stepped foot into the Malayalam film industry by assisting the Malayalam film actor, singer, lyricist, scriptwriter as well as director, Vineeth Sreenivasan Vineeth Srinivasan is known to the music industry >> Read More... Vineeth Sreenivasan , son of famous actor Sreenivasan, with his thriller movie, ‘ Thira Click to look into! >> Read More... Thira ’, starring the graceful dancer and actress, Shobana, and Dhyan Sreenivasan Dhyan Sreenivasan is the younger son of Malayalam >> Read More... Dhyan Sreenivasan . He has also done a small role in the movie, ‘ Homely Meals Click to look into! >> Read More... Homely Meals ’, the story of a lad who is crazy about films, directed by Anoop Kannan.

2014 saw Basil through the films ‘ Mannar Mathai Speaking 2 Click to look into! >> Read More... Mannar Mathai Speaking 2 ’ and ‘Gamer’. ‘Mannar Mathai Speaking 2’ was released on the 24th of Jan, in 2014, and was directed by Mamas. ‘Gamer’ was released on the 4th of April, the same year. His directional debut into the Malayalam film industry was through the movie, ‘ Kunjiramayanam Click to look into! >> Read More... Kunjiramayanam ’, with Vineeth Sreenivasan playing the lead role of Kunjiraman. It was released on 28th of Aug, 2015. Other cast in this film include Dhyan Sreenivasan, and Aju Varghese Aju Varghese is an Indian film actor, born to Varg >> Read More... Aju Varghese . This movie received a lot of positive appraisal from film critics as well as audience. Basil had also played a small part as a political leader in this film.

Basil’s latest project as a director, ‘ Godha Click to look into! >> Read More... Godha ’, is known to hit the theater screens on 29th of July, in the year of 2016, starring Tovino Thomas Tovino Thomas is a well-known face in the Malayala >> Read More... Tovino Thomas and Wamiqa Gabbi Wamiqa Gabbi is an Indian actress and a dancer. Sh >> Read More... Wamiqa Gabbi .

Anoop Chandran Malayalam Actor

Anoop Chandran

Anoop Chandran was born in Areeparambu Cherthala, District Alappuzha in the state of Kerala, India. By profession, he is a film actor who works in Malayalam Film Industry and a comedian too. He is mainly known for portraying and playing a character, supporting and minor roles in various feature fictional films. Till date, he has done approximately 40 films especially Malayalam. Due to his face appearance and body mannerisms, he majorly gets to portray comic roles. In the year 2006, he played the role of a college student (hostel lite) in the movie named “Classmates.” It is considered his best role so far, and the name of his character was ‘Pazhanthuni Koshi.’ The movie was a blockbuster hit. He is a very controversial actor too as in the year 2013 (November), he was arrested in Alappuzha during the speech of the Youth Congress Leader, the reason being that he laughed quite loudly while the speech was going on. He likes old generation Malayalam movies as compared to the new ones as he compared the new generation movies with ripples which disappears soon where as old movies acquire a special place in people’s hearts and brains and it takes time for them to fade away. His most memorable and prominent roles were for the movies like “Big B,” “Vinodha Yatra,” “Rasathanthram,” “Classmates,” etc. He has also appeared in the blockbuster hit off-beat movie named “Raman and Ramanam.” Now a days, he has taken a short break from films and appeared in a very less number of movies. He has also been a judge for various comedy reality shows which are aired on T.V. channel named “Asianet.” He has a lot of interest in politics and has been an active member of a political party named “Communist Party.” By nature, he is a strong activist too, and to support his party, he always attends its various speeches, interviews, and talks, either on a T.V. channel or in an open ground. He got arrested twice in the year 2013, one for laughing during a speech and then on November 22, 2013, he again got arrested as he indulged in a fight with the Youth Congress Supporters, used abusive language with them, and had beaten them up too. The F.I.R. was registered by the supporters of the same party. They united themselves and manhandled him up too. Away from his controversies, his contribution to the Malayalam Film Industry is incomparable. With the help of his great comic timing and wit, he has won and secured a permanent place in everybody’s heart.


P. K. Abraham

If you have a dream goal, but because of some circumstances, you were unable to reach that position, then all through your life, you have to live in a frustrated and discouraged way. It would be better if you try hard and someway or the other, try to reach the destined aim. The same thing happened to the Malayalam actor, P. K. Abraham. P. K. Abraham is from the Kottayam district of Kerala State, India. After his studies, he worked as an employee in a well-known business firm based in Kottayam. But it used to be a great disappointment for him regarding his lifestyle. From the very childhood, he always dreamt of becoming an actor, and appearing on the screen. Fortunately or unfortunately, he is working as an employee. Finally, he decided to become an actor and he did it. P. K. Abraham slowly tried his hand at acting, and reached it by doing minor roles. From the beginning to the end, he always tried to make the best of his abilities. Though he appeared in and around hundred films, he never did the lead roles in his career. P. K. Abraham got introduced to the movie industry with the 1973 movie ‘Yamini’. He played the role of Govinda, which gained the attention of the audience. Then, he took the side roles in two of the 1975 movies, ‘Chalanam’, and ‘Criminals’. His luminous performance in the 1976 flick Light House got a critical response from the audience and the critics. A. B. Raj directed the film, and Prem Nadir and Jayan took the lead roles. This character became so famous, because he did two roles as Raja Sekharan and Vikraman, and they contributed more to the flow of the plot. The year 1976 is one of the glorious years in the career of P. K. Abraham. He did roles from different genres. He played a role in ‘Abhinandana’, in 1976. In the same year, he did a negotiating role in K. G. George's debut flick ‘Swapnadanam’. Ravi Chandra, Woman, and T. R. Omana appeared as the main characters. P. K. Abraham took the role of a psychiatrist, Venugopal. This film is a sort of psychological thriller with marriage as the background story. In the later half of the 1970's, his notable films include Satyavan Savitri, ‘Anugraham’, ‘Bandhanam’, etc. His role as Siddhantam's father in A. B. Ayyappan Nair's Swarna Gopuram, made him a famous actor in the Malayalam film industry. He stopped his acting career with the film ‘Kaduva Thoma’, in 1997. He is not just an actor, but also wrote screenplays for ‘Dhruvam’, ‘Eenadu’, Sree Krishna Parunthu, etc. He looks dignified in the movies, Air Hostess and ‘Uyarangalil’.

P. K. Abraham Malayalam Actor