Zero Babu

Other names of Zero Babu: K J Babu

Zero Babu in an Indian film actor, music composer and singer. He was born in the year 1946 with the birth name K J Babu. He is the native of the Indian State Kerala’s Koichi region. He works in the Malayalam Film Industry under the label Audiotracs. He started off as a theater artist and later tried his luck in acting in Malayalam Cinema. Babu’s debut film song was in the year 1964 at the age of 18. He has sung about 300 songs for numerous flicks.

K J Babu also appeared in P. J. Antony’s play the role of a person who is sick and tired of his life due to the cotton gambling game that was present in his past. The name of this game was given as Open Zero. Ever since he acted in the play and also composed and subsequently sung the song on Open Zero too, he is fondly known as Zero Babu in the industry. He has been married and also has four children, namely, Sulfikar, Deepa, Sabitha and Sooraj. He has worked as an actor in only two flicks.

His debut movie as an actor was ‘Maadatharuvi’ which released in the year 1967. He was then seen after 26 years later on the big screen in the year 1993 in the film ‘Kaboolivala’. Although his term as an actor was less, he made his place in the Malayalam Cinema as a music composer. He started off with three consecutive songs in the year 1982. He later composed three more songs in the year 1983. After that, he hasn’t composed any songs or given the backdrop music for any flick.

His career as a singer started in the year 1964. He made his debut with the song Kanninu Kudumbini. In the rest of the decade alone, Babu released about 15 songs. About ten songs released every decade from Babu’s side as a singer. He stopped singing in the year 1983. His career as a singer saw only the launch of about 30 songs, but due to the excellence of this 30, his name became popular. His frequent performances in theater and movies, helped the audiences to identify him as a celebrity. Zero Babu has not been seen in the Film Industry for over two decades. In the year 2013, Zero Babu and his contemporizes gathered to mourn the legendary singer M S Baburaj.