Malayalam Musician ( 0 - 12 )

Ardhra Sajan



A musician is any person which creates, performs or plays any musical instrument. A musician is responsible for creating a music either by singing or playing an instrument. Music is one of the few things which keeps the world united. Music has no language but music itself is a universal language and everyone connects with each other through music.

Musicians create a lot of different kind of music which includes folk music, classical music, rock music, hip hop etc. Every time period has created its own unique style of music and that time period is often remembered by the popular musicians of those times. Some of the musicians have made themselves so much fame and respect by creating some of the most loved music of all time.

Some of the musicians are so much respected and popular that they are treated as a God to their fans and fellow musicians. Musicians come from different places, cultures and time periods but they all create one simple creation that is a soothing sound which we know as “Music”.