Naseer Sankranthi

Other names of Naseer Sankranthi: Naseer Sankranthy
Naseer Sankranthi Malayalam Actor
Other Skills
    - Supporting Actor

"Naseer Sankranthi is a Malayalam actor. He is generally looked at as a supporting actor to the leads in the movies. Naseer has great comic timing and thus, is cast as comedy relief in most of his films. He has worked in commercial hits like Masters (2012) and Chinna Dada (2016) among others.

Naseer Sankranthi has also acted in the popular comedy Tv series 'Comedy Nights With Suraj' where he often showcases his comedy talent. Apart from these films, he has worked in several other movies like Carbon, Mandharam, Fukri, Pa.Va, James And Alice, Leela, Amar Akbar Anthony, Acha Dhin, etc."