Top 10 Kannada Psychological Thrillers

Top 10 Kannada Psychological Thrillers Kannada Article

There is always a thing for psychological thrillers that one cannot get over. In spite of how thrilling the story may be and how many sleepless nights you will encounter following the film, you still cannot leave your seats while you are watching a psychological thriller or a suspense film. These movies, they stay stuck in your mind and you can never get over them. No other film can replace the thought of the last one you saw, until you get a new one to watch. And to those fans of the thrillers, who could never give these kinds of films a miss, here is a list of some Kannada psychological thrillers that you should never fail to see.

1. Shhh!


This is the first name that anybody would mention as soon as you bring up the name of Kannada thriller films. It is a horror, suspense, thriller film released in the year 1993 and directed by ‘ Upendra Rao Upendra Rao is an Indian actor, who was born on 18 >> Read More... Upendra Rao ’. The story revolves around the experiences that a film crew experiences when they come to a village. They are haunted by supernatural elements during the shooting. The movie goes on to describe these experiences and the end shows whether the crew will be able to escape these or not. Shhh! Began a new era of suspense or psychological thrillers in Kannada cinema.

2. ‘ Rangitaranga Click to look into! >> Read More... Rangitaranga


Released in 2015, the film has received a lot of applauds. Written and directed by Anup Bhandari Anup is one of the most talented people that we ca >> Read More... Anup Bhandari , it already marks a place in the list of the top thrillers of Kannada cinema. The story revolves around a novelist, Gowtham and his wife, Indhu who go to a fictional village in Tulunadu. They face certain supernatural incidents and decide to perform rituals to ward of the evils. However, with time, certain instances of Gowtham’s past also come forward and unfold a mystery of his gone past.

3. ‘ Lucia Click to look into! >> Read More... Lucia


Released in 2013, Lucia is in every way a typical film that is able to haunt you and something one is unable to forget. It is both a psychological thriller as well as a romantic film which is directed by . The movie talks about an usher in theatre, Nikki who is an insomniac. He gets used to taking a particular drug which takes him to a different world and diminishes his ability to draw a line between reality and illusions. Nikki’s life takes a drastic and horrifying turn when he takes the pill which is called Lucia.

4. ‘Apthamitra’


Apthamitra is a 2004 psychological thriller film directed by P. Vasu. The story is about a married couple, Ramesh and Ganga, who buy a new house which is more like a palatial one against the wishes of their family members. The house was supposed to be home to a vengeful spirit. Matters take a turn when the family experiences unusual things happening which begins after Ganga has accidently set the spirit free.


5. ‘Aparichita’


Aparichita is a 1978 Kannada psychological thriller which also has a lot of suspense in it directed by ‘ Kashinath Click to look into! >> Read More... Kashinath ’. The movie is about the death of a well-known man of a village, Shaam who is seen being killed. However, neither there is any evidence and nor there is the body. The mystery is to find the body and the killer.

6. ‘Tarka’


Tarka is a 1989 suspense thriller directed by Sunil Kumar Desai Born in North Karnataka, Sunil Kumar Desai is a we >> Read More... Sunil Kumar Desai and is inspired from the book, An Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie Agatha Christie is not a stranger to any avid book >> Read More... Agatha Christie . The movie revolves around Akshay, who has escaped from jail and takes refuge in his friend’s house only to find his friend’s husband dead. The plot is to find the murdered when he himself is in trouble.

7. ‘Swasthik’

Swasthik is a 1999 movie by Upendra which is a terror based psychological suspense thriller film. With a very complex story line and an extremely tricky screenplay, the movie was not a hit as in was not very entertaining for a large audience. However, the film is about patriotism with the lead playing both the positive and negative roles.

8. ‘Marma’

Marma is a 2002 film also by Sunil Kumar Desai. It deals with very complex and purely psychological elements like hallucination and schizophrenia. Sunil and Prerna is a couple immensely in love. However, matters take a turn when Prerna starts to behave weirdly. Later, Sunil comes to know that she is diagnosed with schizophrenia. Is it left to see whether she comes out of it or not.

9. “27 Mavalli Circle”

It is a 1986 film directed by ‘T N Narasimhan’. It is treasure-hunt themed story in which a gang of thieves try to rob a very valuable treasure from a blind mother and her daughter but even after numerous attempts they are unable to do so.

10. ‘Nishkarsha’

Nishkarsha is a 1993 film directed by Sunil Kumar Desai. The story is about a bank robbery that takes place in a broad daylight in Bangalore. The robber takes the employees and other customers as hostage. The film shows the way the police plan out on trying to free the people and capturing the culprit. The entire planning as shown in the film is very engrossing.