Ravi Murur

Other names of Ravi Murur: Ravi Murooru
Ravi Murur Kannada Actor

Having the basis from Karnataka, Ravi Murur is a leading singer and also plays the part of a composer. His knowledge is spread to Hindustani classical music which he gained from the P.t. M.P Hegde Padigere. A well-known singer known for his light music Raju Ananthaswamy Raju Ananthaswamy was a prolific figure in the Kan >> Read More... Raju Ananthaswamy was his guru for teaching him the Sugama Sangeeta. He has also had experiences with the light music legend Dr.C.Ashwath. As a tribute to his gurus and a service to his passion, he chose to teach this sangeet to is students and spread the knowledge about light music to the younger generations. His classes are at Bengaluru where he resides currently and his hometown. The songs in his albums are Baa Cheluve, Baruvanenu, Madve Madkyale, Mucchumare Illadaye, Nee Nanna, Kadala Teerada, Irulu Haridaga, and Hrudaya.

Ravi Murur has his dreams and passions to be set in the field of music and has not given up at any stage. He treats music to be his love and vibrantly taken actions in spreading the knowledge to people as a form of guru and inculcate the love for music among the people. Big Boss 3 was a famous reality music show where different talented musicians participated and made their way to the finals. It has been said that Ravi Murur was also selected as one among the finalists. The famous anchor Abhinaya Chakravarthy Sudeep was the person hosting this reality show. The show streamed at 6 pm in exact in the Colors Kannada entertainment channel. This reality show was little different from the rest where they had their episodes of the contestants confessing for their past mistakes and had to discuss.

Jayshree and Ravi Murur had a war based on words due to their ego which was settled in the later part, and they performed together for the first task-‘Santhi Kranthi’ in the big boss. It was here he had to meet new people of the same stream and had an unforgettable experience of a social life. He was chosen as one amidst singers like Jayshree, Master Anandh, Kruthika, Ayyapa, Madhuri, Chandan, Neha Gowda Neha Gowda is born in Karnataka, India. She has be >> Read More... Neha Gowda , Bhavana Belegere, Rahaman, RJ Nethra RJ Nethra is a radio jockey and entertainer from I >> Read More... RJ Nethra , Tsunami Kitty Tsunami Kitty is a famous South Indian dancer. He >> Read More... Tsunami Kitty , and Pooja Gandhi Pooja Gandhi is a famous actress in the Kannada fi >> Read More... Pooja Gandhi at the finals. Since then, all these contestants seemed popular among the networking sites and so did our musician. He gained his popularity and made himself identified to the world through this reality show. He had also performed a patriotic song in Rang de Basanthi. He also had to play in a cultural in Dubai on the 12th of September in 2014. He originally plays with music to play the rhythms.