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Kannada Movie Actress Vinutha
  • Gender : Female
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Her off-screen name is Vinutha and her on-screen name is Prarthana. Her journey into acting started at a very interesting time. It was post her wedding when she dived into the acting world. For most, acting happens before marriage, but the same was not true in Vinutha’s case. Her wedding life brought out the inner actress in her. She always wanted to be an actor.Her acting life took off after she got married. Strange as it may, it is the absolute truth in her life.

Milana is her serial on Suvarna T.V. This is the role which paved way to soar her talent. In this serial, she plays the role of Prarthana, which shot her to fame and she received admiration across. In this television show, she plays a simple girl from a small town in Shimoga. This serial has crossed more than 340 episodes. With absolutely no background in acting, all she has done is a three–month acting workshop. But did this suffice is the question? With initial hitches and glitches, Vinutha finally bagged the role of Prarthana.

She gives full credit to the director of Milana, Madhusudhan who has really polished her skills and turned her into a really admired actress. Is movies going to be next big step? That is the question, to which Vinutha feels she would like to, but as a glamorous lead in the movieor a supporting cast. Negative role is something she wouldn’t want to get into. Comic roles are still suitable, but a big no–no to being a vamp.


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