The birth name of Dheerendra Gopal was Haasan, and he is a very popular Kannada actor. He got married to Sunandamma, and he passed away on 25th December 2000 in Davanagere of Karnataka state. He is a big star of the Kannada film industry, and he worked as a comedian and villain. He is best regarded for his supporting characters, and he is pretty known for his flawless dialogues that made a real sense.

Gubbi Veeranna Gubbi Veeranna was a veteran theater personality w >> Read More... Gubbi Veeranna was the one who saw his potential in the first place. Dheerendra Gopal was signed in the company of Gubbi Veeranna, who was impressed by his mono-acting. Naagarahaavu was the first movie in which Dheerendra Gopal acted, and it made a difference in the box office collection. He turned up as a villain actor who did performance-based roles. He made a huge fan base for him and got felicitated by the critics. He performed in more than one hundred and eighty films, and all were sure shot hits.

His passion towards cinema was so huge that it got clearly reflected in his acting in the movies. He got huge inclination towards theatre that he acted in more than hundred plays that were quite famous. He won the hearts of the viewers with his characters in plays like Mudukana Maduve and Tippu Sultan.

He had a lot of fan followers who adored his acting. He acted in six movies namely Naagarahaavu in the year 1972, Paduvarahalli Pandavaru in the year 1978, Sahasa Simha in the year 1982, Gajapathi Garvabhanga in the year 1989, Annaiah in the year 1993, Gadibidi Ganda in the year 1993, and a couple more movies namely Anjali Geethanjali, and Nannavalu Nannavalu. He had won a couple of prestigious awards namely Karnataka’s drama academy, and Rajyotsava award. He was a well-established actor who was passed away on account of jaundice.

Chi. Guru Dutt Kannada Actor

Chi. Guru Dutt

Chi. Guru Dutt is an Indian actor, whose presence was there in more than 100 films. He is an actor and director majorly focusing in Tamil and Kannada film industry. He was very famous for his debut film Anand, a blockbuster movie from Kannada in 1986. This film also gave the life to Shivrajkumar, a notable person for his tremendous contribution to Kannada cinema. Kailasam Balachander, a famous director who received Dadasaheb Phalke Award, introduced Guru Dutt to Tamil film industry by giving an opportunity in Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal a super hit movie in 1989. He got another blockbuster hit in Tamil cinema through a musical hit Kalaignan, where he acted in an opposite role to Kamal Haasan, a renowned actor in South Indian Movies. He was the son of Chi. Udaya Shankar, a popular lyricist who wrote more than 300 songs for Kannada film industry. He acted in some of the hit movies like Samyuktha-Kannnada (1988) a romantic film under the direction of K. N. Chandrashekar Sharma. He was there in leading role with Priyanka in a Tamil movie called Ennarukil Nee Irunthal (1991). He featured in Kitturina Huli - Kannada (1991) a romantic drama film that got a blockbuster hit at the box-office, which was produced and directed by Sai Prakash. Some of the Dutt’s famous movies include Aralida Hoovugalu (1991) a romantic drama which was written by his father in Kannada, Belli Kalungura (1992) one of the successful film starring Malashri and Sunil in Kannada. He also acted in some of the thrillers like Nagaradalli Nayakaru (1992) which was a remake of In Harihar Nagar (1990) in Malayalam. Some of his super hit movies were Ananda Jyothi (1993) a novel based movie directed by Chi. Datta Raj, Shabdavedhi (2000) a film by S.Narayan starring Rajkumar and Jayapradha, Soorappa (2000) a remake of a Tamil hit movie called Maru Malarchi (1998) and Usire (2001) a romantic film by A.K. Prabhu.


Gubbi Veeranna

Gubbi Veeranna was a veteran theater personality who heralded a new era in staging numerous plays and dramas on stage in Karnataka. He was the founder of a drama company in the region of Karnataka. Although he had successful four marriages in life, the actor had more commitment towards writing screenplays and acting and directing dramas. His concentration towards staging drama was so unparalleled that while he was performing one of his plays, his second wife who was an artist died on the stage but Gubbi Veeranna did not stop his show. Even his children attended to the dead body only when the show was completed. His theater company named ‘Gubbi Shree Chenna Basaveshwara Nataka Company’ flourished for many years. Initially, it was located in Gubbi, but the company troupe traveled through villages to attract audiences. Even in those days his dramas could bring out innovations on stage like showcase floods, rains, and clouds. It was, for this reason. His theater company gained more popularity which had many backstage workers and 150 artists. Initially, his company constructed his own theater in Bangalore in 1924 on Subedar Chatram Road and the Shivananda Theater (now known as Movieland) in 1930. This man was responsible for bringing up faces like noted actor like Rajkumar and B. V. Karanth. He also founded his own movie production company named ‘Karnataka Gubbi Productions’ which was later known as Karnataka Films Limited. His film company produced some mythological films and some social films in which he also had acted. One of his noted films included ‘Sadarme( 1936) which had Kalyan Kumar and T. N. Balakrishna in the lead. He also produced a Tamil movie named Sathya Shodhanai in 1953. Gubbi also produced a silent movie in those days which was directed by a foreign director Raphel Algoet in which he acted in a lead role and his wife Jayamma played the heroine role. He even produced a film ‘Kalahasti Mahatyam’ (1954) in which Raj Kumar had starred. He passed away in 1972..

Gubbi Veeranna Kannada Actor