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Kannada Movie Actor Gubbi Veeranna
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Gubbi Veeranna was a veteran theater personality who heralded a new era in staging numerous plays and dramas on stage in Karnataka. He was the founder of a drama company in the region of Karnataka. Although he had successful four marriages in life, the actor had more commitment towards writing screenplays and acting and directing dramas. His concentration towards staging drama was so unparalleled that while he was performing one of his plays, his second wife who was an artist died on the stage but Gubbi Veeranna did not stop his show. Even his children attended to the dead body only when the show was completed. His theater company named ‘Gubbi Shree Chenna Basaveshwara Nataka Company’ flourished for many years. Initially, it was located in Gubbi, but the company troupe traveled through villages to attract audiences. Even in those days his dramas could bring out innovations on stage like showcase floods, rains, and clouds. It was, for this reason. His theater company gained more popularity which had many backstage workers and 150 artists. Initially, his company constructed his own theater in Bangalore in 1924 on Subedar Chatram Road and the Shivananda Theater (now known as Movieland) in 1930. This man was responsible for bringing up faces like noted actor like Rajkumar and B. V. Karanth. He also founded his own movie production company named ‘Karnataka Gubbi Productions’ which was later known as Karnataka Films Limited. His film company produced some mythological films and some social films in which he also had acted. One of his noted films included ‘Sadarme( 1936) which had Kalyan Kumar and T. N. Balakrishna in the lead.

He also produced a Tamil movie named Sathya Shodhanai in 1953. Gubbi also produced a silent movie in those days which was directed by a foreign director Raphel Algoet in which he acted in a lead role and his wife Jayamma played the heroine role. He even produced a film ‘Kalahasti Mahatyam’ (1954) in which Raj Kumar Actor RajKumar came to limelight as he resembled S >> Read More... had starred. He passed away in 1972..


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