Shringar Nagaraj

Other names of Shringar Nagaraj: Gangolli Ramashet Nagaraj

Shringar Nagaraj, originally Gangolli Ramashet Nagaraj, was an Indian director, actor, and cinematographer. He is also reputed as the producer of “ Pushpaka Vimana Click to look into! >> Read More... Pushpaka Vimana ,” which was India’s first silent film, starring the legendary actor, Kamal Hassan. Shringar, born in Bengaluru, graduated from MES College, Malleswaram, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. He also pursued law from Government Law College in Bengaluru. The Gold Control Act of 1968 led Nagaraj to forgo his profession of gold jewelry. Blessed with immense talent and creativity, Shringar pursued photography as a passion cum profession. He also achieved recognition from the Kannada film industry, and consequently, pocketed various photo-shoot assignments. Nagaraj worked as a cinematographer, assisting many directors, leading his pathway into Kannada films, as an actor. His breakthrough arrived in the role of a supporting actor in “Sipayi Ramu,” where he was cast alongside Rajkumar.

Nagaraj has starred in roughly twenty-five Kannada movies such as Haalu Jenu, Bangaaradha Manushya, Shabdavedi, Chelisuva Modagalu, Katha Sangama Click to look into! >> Read More... Katha Sangama , and Ranganayaki. Nagaraj invested the fee he received from films in “Shringar Tours,” his travel agency venture. It was in 1987 that he picked up the challenge to produce Pushpaka Vimana, a project that no Indian director or producer was willing to risk. Nagaraj was presented with a National Award and received the President’s Gold Medal, for his work. He was also the recipient of Kannada Rajyotsava, International Houston Film Festival, and Filmfare Awards, for the same. Sadly, exactly 74 years after his birth date, Nagaraj passed away in 2013.

Roopa Iyer Kannada Actress

Roopa Iyer

Roopa Iyer is a Sandalwood director recently seen participating in a popular game show ‘Super Minute’ that was aired on ETV Kannada. She got recently married to music director Gowtham Srivastav, who also attended the show with her in 2015. The show was hosted by Golden Star Ganesh. Gowtham Srivatsav is the son of Mysore Mohan, who is an accomplished composer in Kannada film industry. Roopa Iyer made her directorial debut with the film ‘Chandra’. Roopa’s first directorial effort brought Shriya Saran and Prem together for a bilingual movie ‘Chandra’ made in Tamil and Kannada language. In Chandra, she played Shriya Saran’s sister. The Kannada version was a box-office success. Kannada version was released on June 2013 while Tamil version released in February 2014. Co-incidentally, her husband Gowtham has also composed music for this film. The director shot twenty percent of this film in the USA. Also, she wrote lyrics for two songs in this film. In 2010, she made a short film ‘Mukhaputa’ in which she had also acted and directed the film too. Roopa Iyer even had written the screenplay and story of ‘Mukhaputa’. It was an educational film n HIV and had won many international awards. This celebrity in Sandalwood had created awareness on children’s education through 50 short films so far. Roopa Iyer is one of the female directors who want to balance her skill of direction between commercial and artistic films. She is also a dancer and even a choreographer. She is well-known face for her charitable support in Karnataka on HIV and AIDS issues. It is said that Roopa Iyer’ sister Deepa Iyer and her brother-in-law Sudesh K Rao are popular television actors. TV actress Deepa Iyer’s daughter Sanya Iyer acted as a child artist in Roopa Iyer’s ‘Mukhaputa’. After wielding the megaphone for a Tamil-Kannada bilingual titled 'Chandra', she may soon announce her next project very soon.