NR Nanjunde Gowda is a Film producer and director. He has Indian Nationality. He is working with the Kannada Film Industry. He has well known among Kannada Film Fraternity. NR has done the films like Nanu Gandhi in the year 2008, Hebbet Ramakka in the year 2018, Nanu Neenu Jodi in the year 2007, and A Aa E Ee in the year 2006. NR did the direction in the project Hebbet Ramakka. Its release date is April 27 and in the year 2018. Its playtime in the theaters is two hours and twenty-three minutes. It has a genre drama, political drama, and action. Cast and crew of it include as Eesha Sushi, NR Nanjunde Gowda, Poornachandra Tejaswi, Vijay Prakash, Hanumanthe Gowda and many more. Apart from NR Nanjunde Gowda, Kavitha Raj and SA Puttaraju have done the production management. G Basavaraj Urs did the editing in it.

Nanjunde is expert in writing screenplay and story play. Apart from Poornachandra Tejaswi, Ramalingappa Beguru and SG Siddaramaiah have written the lyrics. B Satish is the director of photography. Vijay Prakash, Eesha Suchi, Manoj Vasista, and Pancham Jeeva have given their voices to tracks. Actor Tara did the main role in the film. It has three tracks. The music labels associated with songs are Ananda Audio. The list includes as Hebbettu Ramakka by Eesha Suchi, Panchaam Jeeva, Avarbitt Ivaryaaru by Vijay Prakash, and Gudisabekavva Kasava by Manoj Vasishtha. It has produced under the banner of Saviraj Cinemaas. It shot in the Kannada language. Hebbet Ramakka is the recipient in 65th National Film Awards in the Kannada language and under the category of Best Feature Film.

This film has also won the Regional Film Award. It tells the story about Women's political influence and reservations aspect. It has a tagline too as ‘Sama Baalu Sama Paalu.' Its means ‘Equal life and equal rights.' A gap of thirteen years actor Tara has played the lead role. Therefore, it is a special project for her career. Gowda did the first film in the year 2006 as A Aa E Ee. It has a genre drama. V. Manohar did the music direction in it. It's running duration is one hour and forty-three minutes. It has produced by Sandesh Nagaraj. It has six tracks in it. These are A Aa E Ee by Nanditha, Jenu Kiyo Makkalu and Kuranige Bava Kurane by Karthik Sharma, Bidiramma Thayi Kele, Konthiya Goodige by M.D. Pallavi and B. Jayashree, and Jenyo by Chinthan Vikas.

Harsh Gowda Kannada Actor

Harsh Gowda

Harsh Gowda is a Kannada producer and director. He began his career with the movie Tora Tora which released on December 22, 2017. Before the film got released, the team of the film called for contestants which called for budding poster designer, video editor, and thinkers for which they gave a link and the successful winner would get a ticket for the first show. Touted to be first travel cinema, the film had many new actors in the movie. The film was promoted even at the state level Karate championship contest. There is no doubt that his engagement with fans helped to build awareness for his movie ‘Tora Tora’. Recently, the director has claimed that he considered the title ‘Tora Tora’ based on the game, and hence the story travels in two opposite directions. Harsh Gowda is a fan of ‘science fiction’ films. The film was produced under ‘Mayavi productions’ and got U/A certificate and the director is happy that the film received a huge response after the trailer got released. ‘Tora Tora’ is Harsh Gowda’s debut movie and he chose the concept of Sci-fi films only to entertain the masses. His concept was to explore the travel concept in a Kannada movie which is unheard of. To make it a mass entertainer, he has mixed up comedy and adventure into the plot. The director chose new faces for the movie, but they all had theatre backgrounds, and hence acting came to them all easily. As a cine buff, one would understand that the director of photography MS Kiran Kumar believed in capturing the moment by seeing the performance of the actors. In this movie, visual imagery strikes the mind more than the characters too sometimes. One wished he maintained that cinematography as art in every movie. All kudos goes to the director. To make a travel film, an honest and authentic pitch is critical. Also, one has to convince the people that your films need to be made as a drama film and then build a unique concept. Sometimes a sci-fi travel film can even be patronized by kids or youth’s stuff, this genre finds to look over the parochialism of most practical drama to look other worlds and existences. Sci-fi travel movies can be a confessing cacophony of temporal mishaps and ruptures of the space-time continuum. The screenplay of Tora Tora was a very difficult task as it had to have a fantasy subject and then the story has to be within the realm of all possibilities of science. For Sandalwood buffs, the camera work, editing, BG score of this movie is a whiff of fresh air.