Kamar is the son of the notable Kannada producer Nargis Babu. Nargis Babu is the producer of lots of Kannada movies and is very prominent in the Kannada film industry. His son Kamar, following his father’s footsteps, has made his name as a producer as well. He started producing just two years ago and has already carved himself a name in the Kannada film industry. He was working in Shivrajkumar starrer movie Aryan. As the name itself suggests, the movie is about Aryan, an athletics coach who was formerly a champion Indian athlete. His protege is a sprint queen who wins an athletic event. She gains a lot of success as an athlete, while Aryan himself struggles to regain his fame back as a coach, the movie is about the couple facing and overcoming various obstacles and falling in love.

After having worked in this film, many in the cinema industry had a question in their mind. Why had Kamar himself not turned to acting and instead chose to produce? Later on, Kamar himself announced that acting in a cinema has been his long-term dream and he will be acting in a movie which is produced by his father, Nargis Babu. Even after announcing this, the film that people were talking about got delayed for almost a year.

The reasons for this delay were unknown, citing various reasons. Then, out of the blues, the film is again in the making where Kamar will be making his acting debut by portraying the lead role in the movie. Although the title of the cinema is not yet official, there are rumors that the film will be titled, Kick.

Kick is going to be a remake of the hit movie Ishq which hit the theatres in the year 2012. The plot is regarding a guy, and a girl falling in love in a flight journey and how they manage to convince the girl’s elder brother about their love for each other after a lot of misunderstandings and arguments. A. M Kotresh will be directing the film, and it will be his first cinema as an independent director. The noted director Ravi Srivatsa Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ravi Srivatsa will be writing the dialogues for the film, and Jassi Gift will be working as the music composer.

The cinematography will be handled by R Giri while the editor will be Srikanth Tota. The female lead is not final yet. The film has various shooting locations including Bengaluru, Goa, and Hyderabad. By choosing a remake of a popular movie, Kamar is playing safe and taking no risks. Although he will be starring in his film, he will still not be leaving the family business and will be seen producing Jaggu Dada Click to look into! >> Read More... Jaggu Dada .