Anand Goradia

Other names of Anand Goradia: Aanand Goradiya
Anand Goradia Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 23-11-1975
  • Age : 47
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Anand Goradiya is an Indian Television Actor and Model. He was born on November 23, 1975 in Mumbai. He has completed his diploma from “Parag Vijay Dutt Drama Academy” in acting. He has started his career with Zee TV's show “ Commando Click to look into! >> Read More... Commando ” and after it he followed with “Waqt Ki Raftaar”, “ Maayke Se Bandhi Dor Maayke Se Bandhi Dor is a drama soap opera on Star >> Read More... Maayke Se Bandhi Dor ”, “ Shrimaan Shrimati Shrimaan Shrimati was a famous TV serial broadcast >> Read More... Shrimaan Shrimati ”, “ Khamoshi Click to look into! >> Read More... Khamoshi ”, “ Na Aana Is Des Laado Na Aana Is Des Laado was an Indian television dram >> Read More... Na Aana Is Des Laado as Gajender Sangwan” and Adaalat. He received nationwide recognition for “Na Aana Is Des Laado”. As a writer, Anand has written several episodes for serials “Kya Dill Mein Hain”, “ Nilanjana Nilanjana is an Assamese TV serial that aired on R >> Read More... Nilanjana ”, “ Santaan Santaan is a Hindi drama television series that ai >> Read More... Santaan ”, “Odhani”, “ Sujata Sujata was a Hindi television drama that was aired >> Read More... Sujata ” and “”. Anand is married to Swati Goradia. His wife also helped him in writing Sanskaar Laxmi Sanskaar laxmi is actually a very interesting name >> Read More... Sanskaar Laxmi . He has acted a protagonist in a show of Zee TV's Fear Files Fear Files is a suspense thriller series telecaste >> Read More... Fear Files . He expressed his views that he worked with Contiloe Telefilms on Adaalat and felt excited working on Fear Files episode.

Anand Goradiya is also known as a writer. He wrote dialogues for C.I.D, Adaalat and for Mumbai Meri Jaan Click to look into! >> Read More... Mumbai Meri Jaan . He has acted as Inder Mohan Jaiswal in Adaalat, Inder Mohan Jaiswal in C.I.D and in the role of Ashish in Mumbai Meri Jaan. Currently, he is acting in Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap, as boondi's ruler Rao Surtan Singh.