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Fear Files Telugu Tv serials on Zee telugu
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Fear Files is a suspense thriller series telecasted on Zee Telugu channel at 10 pm on Sundays which started on 19th August 2012. It is a dubbing of a Hindi serial Fear Files Dar Ki Sacchi Tasveerein, which was being telecasted on Zee TV on Saturdays and Sundays and started on 30th June’ 2012.

Fear Files series was directed by Pankaj Dheer Pankaj Dheer is an Indian television, film actor, >> Read More... and produced by Majid Azam, Abhimanyu Singh Abhimanyu Singh is a popular Indian film and telev >> Read More... , Santosh Shaw, Rupali Singh and Nitin Keni.

Dr. Mehra Shikande, Dr. Vinu Sandhal have acted in this serial.

This show mainly focuses on the paranormal, supernatural and mystifying incidents that sometimes take place in people’s life. It introduces well-known paranormal experts like Dr. Mehra Shikahande and Dr. Vinu Sandhal who comment on super natural activity at the end of every episode. Their methods and conclusions are exposed as a forceful conclusion of every episode – which set into one unquestionable and often horrifying conclusion. Fear Files uncovers the fact behind some of the most convincing, mystifying and apparently unexplainable descriptions that have occurred in different places in India. Through the interpretation of real occurrences in India, Zee TV enlightens viewers and elucidates the truth which has hidden underneath the various layers of misinterpretation and terror associated with paranormal experiences.