Gaurav Dwivedi is a talented, hard-working, vibrant Indian Bollywood film actor. The particular contributions of the talented director and writer came in the Bollywood Hindi movies. He was born in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra. He currently resides in the Indian capital, Delhi. Life was a regular affair until the actor Gaurav Dwivedi packed in an Engineering Degree into his academic life.

He has worked dominantly worked in Hindi Film industry and keeps coming up with some gratifying work. He then decided to pursue his Masters from a college in Australia but realized soon enough that his interests lay elsewhere. After his return from Australia, he came to India’s capital, Delhi and became an RJ for the radio FM 92.9 namely Red FM., also hosting programs for the All India Radio. He remains a talented, actor with vivid expressions whose contributions to the Hindi film Industry can’t be ignored.

Working as an actor and comedian, he represents the youth in his characters. He is a talented creative writer and still has got a lot in him to justify. He is an Indian Film Actor, Television Actor & Comedian.

If that wasn't so enough exploration to cope up with, he cleared Ftii, Pune and changing the course of life set him on to become an actor. In Ftii, Ketan Mehta, the renowned director, and producer, saw a grade in his play, and he laid the path for this actor by casting him in the movie Rang Rasiya. His sense of humor is unbelievable.

This talented actor and comedian have not given up; he is working on some upcoming mind-boggling projects. The journey continued with the hits like Inkaar, Gora, and Manjhi The Mountain Man, Still the various Voices and the Yari Road bringing in acclaim both in the Industry and Festivals across the world.

His hobbies are reading, writing and following some various famous Sports Tournaments across the Globe. If you would ask him to define his journey as a tv actor, he owes it to his childlike excitement and a grand urge in him to express himself.

He is a big star in his fans. Both films were of excellent quality, but neither of them gained massive love and support from the public. He works tirelessly to justify him and is committed to her work. People expect him to be more deliverable in the upcoming works and appearances of him in his films and TV shows.