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He is a renowned Indian film personality; he was born on September 22, 1966, in Mumbai (Maharashtra). He studied visual communication and graphics design at J.J school of Arts. He has been working as a successful graphic designer, copywriter and creative designer with a leading advertisement agency. He is married to Meghana Jadhav Meghana Jadhav is well known in the Marathi cinema >> Read More... . She is a producer as well. They have a child Atharva Jadhav. As a great director his first two movies were 'Natrang' in 2010 and 'Balgandharva' in 2011. His first film portrayed traditional folk art of Maharashtra, and another was a biographical film on Narayana Shripad Rajhans.

His debut movie Natrang earned over 70 million in the first three weeks of its release. Both the films got immense love by the Indian audience; he seems to be an educator through his movies. All his movies bring some impact on the society. His third film was 'Balak Palak' a comedy-drama based on sex education. The biggest blockbuster of his career was 'Timepass' a simple story of Dagadu and Prajakta. A heart touching tale of young love. It broke the record of highest grossing Marathi movie. Ravi also released a short film in 2014 “Mitraa” which was a bold concept about same-sex relationships that gave him more international éclat.

It was Awarded Best Film at the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival. He has a unique style of storytelling. All his movies are superhits, and he got 5 National Awards. Natrang was awarded National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Marathi In 2009. He also got three National Awards at the 59th National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... for “Balgandharva” produced by Ritesh Deshmukh. Jadhav also promotes new directors in Marathi cinema by co-producing films like 'REGE' and "coffee and breach Kahn" by newcomer Prakash Kunte.

He wrote lyrics for 'Saazani' in 2011 and 'Saavali' in 2013 sung by Shekhar Ravijani Shekhar Ravijani is a renowned Indian music compos >> Read More... . He has also directed a music video an electro rock band Pentagram, based in Mumbai. His first Hindi film was Banjo. He wanted to communicate with a wider audience, and that's what lead him to the making of banjo in Hindi. His unique and creative writing has ensured a bright future for him as he has been getting good support and love from the audience. He believes that the magic of filmmaking is to make people of different culture and background fall in love with a simple story.


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