The Top 10 Marathi Films That Highlight The Importance Of Education

The Top 10 Marathi Films That Highlight The Importance Of Education Marathi Article

Education is essential for both individual and social development. There are numerous Marathi films that beautifully show the value of education. These top ten Marathi films tell grasping tales that indicate the transformative power of education. They encourage us to value knowledge and recognise its capacity for transformation. These films make an impactful but straightforward point about the value of education through touching stories and relatable characters. Prepare to discover a world where education serves as an engine for change in these essential Marathi films. Here are the top 10 Marathi films that highlight the importance of education.

1. Kshitij

The movie was released in 2016 and was directed by Manouj Kadaamh. The lead roles were played by Upendra Limaye, Vaishnavi Tangde, Manoj Joshi Manoj Joshi is an Indian television, theatre and f >> Read More... Manoj Joshi , Vidyadhar Joshi Vidyadhar Joshi is an Indian film actor, popular a >> Read More... Vidyadhar Joshi , and Sanjay Mone Sanjay Mone was born on 21st May 1960. He has a lo >> Read More... Sanjay Mone .

The movie tells the story of 12-year-old Vasanti (Vaishnavi Tangde), a poor student who attends the local government school and helps her father Shripati (Upendra Limaye) collect cotton. Shripati, who owes a lot of money, agrees to move to Kolhapur to work as a labourer in a sugarcane field when his brother-in-law offers him the chance. Vachhi refuses to leave, fearing that she will miss out on a year of school. Shripati takes the risk and is livid when the cheating contractor objects to Shripati easing his workload. Vachhi hides her schoolbag in the mud, reminding viewers of a dog hiding a bone.


Kadaamh's Kshitij is a gripping, engaging film with outstanding performances from Vaishnavi and Limaye. Vaishnavi rekindles memories of Mira Nair's Queen of Katwe (2016), while Limaye brings forth the frustration and anger of Shripati. Instead of focusing too heavily on the important topic of farmer suicides, the movie weaves a father-daughter narrative around it. The countrywide problem of farmer suicides will help the film get a pan-India appeal, but more than that, it is an inspirational film that enriches us as people.

2. Pistuliya

An Indian Marathi-language short film that is written and directed by Nagaraj Manjule and produced by Atpat Production and New Arts DCS. The movie stars Suraj Pawar Suraj Pawar is an Indian actor who works in Marath >> Read More... Suraj Pawar , Vaishali Kendale Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Vaishali Kendale , Prashant Kamble Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Prashant Kamble , Vitthal Bulbule, Sanket Pavase, and Nagaraj Manjuke.


Pistulya is the protagonist of a story about a boy who takes the easy route to easy money by indulging in petty thefts. He is engaged in theft in the village when he catches sight of a school where children his age are saying prayers, which lifts him to a higher level. He thinks of his younger sister, 'Lali," when the thought of education first comes to his mind, and to make a beginning to support her in his own way, at first he wears the uniform of a girl student. The film ends with Pistulya running his heart out and falling along the village road in exasperation.


3. Ekda Kaay Zala

Saleel Kulkarni Saleel Kulkarni born on 6 October 1972 is a Marath >> Read More... Saleel Kulkarni is the director and producer of the Marathi film. Sumeet Raghavan He is a TV and film actor. He was born in Mumbai, >> Read More... Sumeet Raghavan , Urmilla Kothare Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Urmilla Kothare , Mohan Agashe Mohan Agashe is a theater based actor who predomin >> Read More... Mohan Agashe , Pushkar Shrotri Pushkar Shrotri is an Indian film actor and TV art >> Read More... Pushkar Shrotri , and Mukta Barve Mukta Barve was decided on becoming an actress sin >> Read More... Mukta Barve all performed the key roles.

The narrative centres on Kiran (Sumeet Raghvan), a principal of a school in Pune, Maharashtra, where students are taught through drama and storytelling. His son Chintan (Arjun Purnapatre), who aspires to be like Kiran when he grows up, is married to Shruti (Urmila Kanetkar Kothare). Ekda Kaay Zala introduces viewers to Kiran's environment and his school by portraying typical events in a positive light. A father-son bonding narrative, Ekda Kaay Zala has Raghvan and Purnapatre, Kothare, Mohan Agashe, Suhas Joshi, Pushkar Shrotri, and Mukta Barve in natural performances. The main twist is a well-known one; however, the plot lacks the necessary emotional impact. The major disagreement is half-heartedly settled, and Dubai's huge event is featured in the second half.


4. School, College Ani Life

Nirvan ( Karan Parab We have seen many engineers become actors, entrepr >> Read More... Karan Parab ) is in love with Indu (Tejaswi Prakash), but their marriage isn't consummated since Indu doesn't appear as promised to display her devotion. Nirvan is downhearted. Ismail Chacha ( Jitendra Joshi Jitendra Joshi is a renowned Marathi theater artis >> Read More... Jitendra Joshi ), Nirvan's neighbour, sends him to Singapore to work for his brother in order to get him out of his misery. In response to Ismail Chacha's passing, Nirvan returns to India. When he first meets Indu, she informs him that she recently married the son of her father's business partner. She reveals that her father's firm had suffered significant losses, which drove her to make the decision. Then Nirvan goes back to Singapore.


5. Baal Bharti

The main character of the movie is Rahul Desai Rahul Desai is a writer, director and film critic >> Read More... Rahul Desai (Siddharth Ramchandra Jadhav), who resides in Kolhapur with his mother ( Usha Naik Usha Naik is a senior actress in the Marathi Cinem >> Read More... Usha Naik ), wife Sunita (Nandita Patkar), son Chinmay ( Aaryan Menghji Aaryan Menghji is an Indian film and television ch >> Read More... Aaryan Menghji ), and son. Rahul and Sunita both have difficulty speaking English. Since their kid Chinmay attends a Marathi-medium school as well, speaking English is equally difficult for him. Unfortunately for Chinmay, his life becomes a living misery when he starts attending the new school since he can't keep up with his English-speaking peers. Rahul is driven by destiny to get Chinmay admitted to an English-medium school. When Chinmay needs to present his idea in a science competition, the judge instructs him to speak in Marathi after he stumbles over his English. Chinmay succeeds in the competition and rejoins his Marathi-medium school after being persuaded that it is not a horrible institution.


6. Chirbhog

The story of a youngster and his humiliating difficulties up until the point where he decides to rise up and reveal the discrepancies in theory and practise to protect the rights to liberty, equality, dignity, and education is used to highlight the caste and occupation-based ongoing prejudice in society.


7. Lagan

Lagan (Marathi; UA), a film produced by Gujar Brothers Entertainment and GB Entertainment, tells the tale of an illiterate woman's unrealized aspiration. Even though Radha (Smita Tambe) lacks schooling, she wishes to give her son Ajinath (Sujit Choure) an education. By chance, Ajinath develops feelings for Rajnandini (Shweta Kale). Radha's dream might not come true as a result of this.

The plot and screenplay by Arjun Yashwantrao Gujar go slowly and lack excitement. There isn't much in the drama to keep the audience's interest for very long. The romance must be heartwarming for the feelings to be felt. The lack of comedy is glaring. The dialogue in Arjun Yashwantrao Gujar is monotonous.

8. Balak Palak

A 2013 Marathi comedy-drama film titled Balak-Palak (meaning Children-Parents) (BP) explores the issue of sex education. Ravi Jadhav He is a renowned Indian film personality; he was b >> Read More... Ravi Jadhav is the film's director, and Riteish Deshmukh Riteish Deshmukh is the son of a politician, late >> Read More... Riteish Deshmukh , Uttung Thakur, and Ravi Jadhav are its producers. Riteish Deshmukh, an actor, produced this movie for the first time. Ganesh Pandit Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ganesh Pandit and Amber Hadap Ambar Hadap is an Indian screenwriter who is very >> Read More... Amber Hadap wrote the narrative. shot Balak Palak.

The letters of the movie's title (BP) also serve as a supplementary allusion to "blue pictures," or low-resolution pornographic flicks that were accessible on videotape in South Asia in the 1980s. The movie is classified as UA (parental guidance) and discusses adolescent sex education. The movie garnered favourable reviews, and Deshmukh intends to remake the movie in Hindi. The director, Srikanth Velagaleti, is translating this movie into Tamil and Telugu. The remake will be co-produced by Kangaroo Motion Pictures' Mohan S. Devanga and Uttung Thakur. The film served as the model for the Malayalam film Swarnamalsyangal, which was produced and directed by well-known quizmaster G. S. Pradeep.

9. Ubontu

Produced and directed by Pushkar Shrotri, Ubuntu is a drama movie in the Marathi language that translates to "compassion and humanity." The movie stars Shashank Shende Shashank Shende, hailing from Pune is a versatile >> Read More... Shashank Shende as Sarpanch, Sarang Sathaye Sarang Sathaye is an Indian actor who was born on >> Read More... Sarang Sathaye as Mastar, Umesh Jagtap Umesh Jagtap is an Indian actor. He is well-known >> Read More... Umesh Jagtap as Razzak, Bhagyashree Shankpal as Gauri, Kanha Bhave as Sanket, Atharva Padhye An Indian child artist, Atharva Padhye, has mostly >> Read More... Atharva Padhye as Abdul, and Arati More as Salma.

The movie had a slow start in terms of attendance, but things picked up for the evening showing, which saw better occupancy and revenue. According to sources, Ubuntu made over Rs. 1.2 crore on its first day at the box office. When a school in a community is set to close because it doesn't satisfy the requirements, a teacher who gets along well with his students pushes to keep more kids in school.

10. Shala

Shala is a 2011 Marathi language film directed by Sujay Dahake Sujay Sunil Dahake is an Indian director/editor wh >> Read More... Sujay Dahake and produced by Vivek Wagh Vivek Wagh is a Hindi producer and director. In 20 >> Read More... Vivek Wagh and Nilesh Navalakha Nilesh Navalakha is a producer and director of Ind >> Read More... Nilesh Navalakha . It stars Anshuman Joshi Anshuman Joshi is an Indian actor, who was born on >> Read More... Anshuman Joshi and Ketaki Mategaonkar Ketaki Mategaonkar was born on 22 February 1994 in >> Read More... Ketaki Mategaonkar in the lead roles. It has won the Silver Lotus Award at the 59th National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... National Film Awards in the Best Feature Film in Marathi category and the National Film Award for Best Screenplay. Four 9th grade kids are writing their destiny in rural India, with Joshi in love with Shirodkar and his friends (Surya, Chitrya, and Favdya from different backgrounds). Joshi attends the same private lessons as Shirodkar and follows her to her house every day. The story is one of struggle, freedom, and liberation, with a spice of loneliness.