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Born on 30th May 1908, Melvin Jerome Blank known as Mel Blanc was an American voice-over artist, recording artist, and a radio comedian. Also known as "man of thousand voices", he was born in San Francisco in California, the United States to Mr. Frederick Blank and Eva Blank. He was a much- acclaimed artist of his time and one of the best till today. He shifted to Portland, Oregon later where he completed his studies at Lincoln High School. He identified his interest in different voices and dialects at very early age and started developing and improving it side by side completing his studies.

After the end of his school days, he divided his time in performing shows all around Oregon, California, and Washington as well as working in an Orchestra. Blanc started his career by working in the Hoot owls, a KGW program and since then he continued working in various TV and radio programs. The shows he did on the radio are the Joe Penner show, the mickey mouse theatre of the air, Fibber McGee and Molly, the jack benny program, the abbot and Costello show and the Mel Blanc show. Blanc worked in a lot of television programs in his entire career.

Some of them include the jack benny program, the bugs bunny show, the Flintstones, Mister Magoo, lippy the lion and hardy har har, breezily and sneezly, Denice the menace, the Monkees, the Flintstone comedy hour, speedy buggy bugs bunny in space, captain caveman and the teen angels, a Connecticut Rabbit in King Arthur's court, Fred and Barney meet the thing, and the Jetsons meet the Flintstones. The movies he has given his voices in are Looney tunes, and merrie melodies theatrical shorts, Pinocchio, woody woodpecker theatrical shorts, two guys from Texas, your dream is yours, Neptune's daughter, loopy de loop theatrical shorts, breakfast at Tiffany's, the phantom tollbooth and many more. He was married to Estelle Rosenbaum whom he met in Los Angeles and had a child Noel Blanc. Unfortunately, Mr. Blanc died of heart disease and emphysema on 10th July 1989 in Los Angeles.


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