Mimi Rogers English Actress
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Mimi Rogers is a film actress and also a TV serial actress. She is also a serious poker player. Her striking film parts incorporate Gung Ho, in the year 1986, Someone to Watch Over Me, in the year 1987, and Desperate Hours, in the year 1990. She collected the best recognition of her profession for her part in the year 1991 for the religious show, The Rapture. Robin Wood, a greatly acclaimed critic, praised her saying that she is one of the greatest actresses in the history. She was born at General Hospital in Coral Gables on January 27, 1956. Her parents are Philip C. Spickler, a structural and civil engineer, and Kathy Talent, who was a show major. She moved to Los Angeles to set out on an acting vacation after her first marriage ended. She completed her acting with Milton Katselas for nine months, and after that looked for an agent.

She tried for the lead part in the movie Body Heat, that in the long run went to Kathleen Turner. Her prior parts included TV appearances in Hill Street Blues, in the year 1981, as a present for cop Andy Renko. She also appeared in Magnum, P.I. in the year 1982. She worked widely in TV as an arrangement general on the show The Rousters, and as a supermodel, Blair Harper-Fenton, in the show Paper Dolls during 1983. In 1986, she was featured with Michael Keaton Michael Keaton is an American actor. He was born M >> Read More... Michael Keaton in the show Gung Ho. She tried out for the female lead in the movie Fatal Attraction, that went to Glenn Close Her aristocracy in Hollywood made her a heavy weig >> Read More... Glenn Close in the year 1986. However, she got her break when she was selected for the part, when she was acting against Tom Berenger, in the movie Someone to Watch Over Me, in the year 1987. She played Claire Gregory, a sociopath who is insured for protection, because she witnesses a homicide. She featured in the film, The Mighty Quinn, in the year 1989. She again appeared in the movie, Desperate Hours, in the year 1990. She featured in the lead role in the movie, The Rapture, in the year 1990.

She got an Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead designation for her part in the film. Slant Magazine applauded her for her performance in the film. She featured as a lady on death column in the jail-thriller film, Reflections on a Crime, in the year 1994. She got the Best Actress prize for the film at the Seattle International Film Festival. She was also praised by the New York Magazine. She started playing poker in the year 2003. She is also one of the directors’ boards of the franchise, World Poker Tour. At an event, she won the 33rd place in the tour in the year 2006.