Kathleen De Leon Jones English Actress

Kathleen de Leon Jones is an actress, singer and dancer in Australia. She shot to fame for a renowned Australian children TV program Hi-5. The show was very successful since it started in 1998. But in the year 2006, one by one, the members retired for some reasons. Some got married and had a baby, involved in an accident, etc. Kathleen was the first to leave the group. She left the Hi-5 show because she had a baby. She married Savage Garden (an Australian Pop duo) dude Daniel Jones. She was born on 1 September 1977 in Manila, Philippines, Hi-5 was charming kid’s show that captivated the kids and parents both.

All the performers in this show wore bright coloured costumes and backdrops and entertained the viewers. This actress had featured herself in a talent show ’New Faces’ that was aired on Australian TV channel. She positioned herself in the third position in the grand finale and had won the chances of getting a break in many Australian TV shows. Some of the TV shows in which she had a minimal role to play including Heartbreak High (a High-school drama), Ridgey Didge (children Series), etc. Right from her childhood, she was involved in singing and later when she grew up as a singer she had an inborn attitude towards dance and music together with a sense of instinctive response. Kathleen de Leon Jones had an excellent stage presence, with the proper expression that came naturally to her. She is excellent in the rhythmic and the expressions part of dance and songs for which she became one of the most famous singers in Australia and across the world.

In her early stages of her career, de Leon was spotted out for her talent by the directors of Cameron Macintosh company. In this prestigious group, she even recorded two musical videos named ‘Miss Saigon’ and ‘Rent’ and became popular amongst masses in the region. After her marriage, she called off her career and happily settled with her husband Daniel and daughters Mikayla and Keira.